Friday, October 30, 2009

First Place Most Original Costume!

We had a costume contest and trick-or-treating at my work yesterday. My costume was June Cleaver. I might, maybe, may have bribed the judges with my Betty Crocker cook book, and empty promises of baking anything they chose. It must have worked since I won first place most original costume! My boss won cutest costume with her full bee suit. My other co-worker took 2nd place of most original as the Dark Fairy of "tire changing season" you can see her with the black crow resting on her arm.

My boss Dixi passed out the Red Waxy lips. This is just the Care Coordination Team, there were a whole bunch of fun costumes and lots of trick or treaters.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fall Festival

Our reception was so much fun! The Fall carnival theme turned out so cute and better than expected. We had so many compliments and it was great to break the mold from the typical Utah wedding reception.

My nephew Sid

Our nieces and nephews helped with the carnival games. They were the game officiators and they loved it, they had so much fun. The three games were a coke ring bottle toss, a bean bag toss, and another game tossing ping pong ball to win a live gold fish! We gave away about a hundred live gold fish, a few hundred ring pops and tons of cotton candy.

This picture is of Jed trying to feed me cotton candy
Showing off the gold fish I won!
My Parents

The nieces, they all looked incredible
Bryce playing with the fun mirrors

Jed's Grandpa
Raeliegh was so cute, she walked around with the box with bags of popcorn
My roommate Jen and her husband Dan

Our nephews, Tate and Wib


Me and Mrs. Jones by Michael Bublé

The frosting was really far up my nose, down my dress and stuck all over Jed's was really thick too it didn't wipe off easily.

Annette and Heather with all the popcorn! Sweet Mckell was stuck at the popcorn forever! You all were so amazing helping! Thank you!

Tossing the bouquet

Me and the Jones. (My two sisters also married Jones) This is my sisters with their husbands.

Our guests could get their picture taken in this super cute face cut out, our neighbor painted this for us.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HERE COMES THE BRIDE (and the Groom of course!)

I know you have all been waiting to see some wedding pictures. Thank you for patiently waiting until after our honeymoon for us to post some pictures. We haven't got anything from the photographer but my brother-in-law Bryce, and niece Kenzie took some really great shots! I hope you enjoy and know there are more to come!