Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Count Down

Well the count down is on...I have two days until I'm finished with this semester! Then only 15 days until we pack our bags and move into a tent! We still haven't found a cabin so we will just pack our things and hopefully find something when we move up there. I am really looking forward to going since Jed's friends and owners of the condo moved back in this past it's a little crowded and little awkward for me, since I don't know them. ~Awkward~

However, I'm registered for almost all the classes I wanted this summer! I'll be super busy and I hope to get a little part time job to keep me occupied while Jed is work/sleeping. I am excited for the warm weather and some free time to ride my bike!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

tid·bit (tid′bit′): a pleasing or choice bit of food, news, gossip, etc.

So here are a few little tidbits for you all. First, every time Jed and I make an amazing meal I want to take a picture of it and share it will you all! I never remember because I'm so mesmerized with our accomplishments. We try lots of different recipes, above was one we tried last week on Martha Stewart...glazed pork and broiled vegetables. I think Jed is too lucky, he hasn't had a really horrible meal since we got married...well except that awful homemade mac & cheese we tried to make the other night, it was way too velveeta-ey. With all of the velveeta left over, we may invite some friends over!
We just got back from getting Jed a new phone. We got him the iPhone...I really pushed him to get one, because I'm really selfish and I know that if he has one, it's only a matter of time before I can get one. (Actually November 13th when my plan can be upgraded) I love my little iPod Touch and I use it everyday to listen to my best friends and great Americans Kerri, Bill & Gina, from the RFH. I listen to my iPod at least 3 hours everyday, and most times it is to their show! So I am starting my petition to get an iPhone in November so I only have one electronic device that I have to carry!
Finally, we are getting ready to move to Fairbanks. Jed has always had troubles finding a cabin to live in so he's just moved up there and lived in a tent for 2-3 weeks until he found a place. I'm not so happy about that so I've been looking on Craigslist determined to get us a place! I think I found something really great, but ofcourse when I called the guy was kind of a jerk and told me it wasn't going to be available but to call him when I was in town. Well Jed called him today and he's sending him an hopefully this will be the dry cabin we will be living in this summer! cross your fingers! (Yeah, and still no running water or potty...just an out house!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will it ever go away?!

I woke up this morning and got ready for work as usual...Just as I was about to leave the house I heard something outside that I thought sounded like a snowplow...but I quickly recognized it to be the garbage truck. In my mind I laughed to myself thinking...wouldn't it suck if it had snowed during the night! I didn't even think twice about it I gathered my things and went out the door to see that it snowed at least 6 inches, and still snowing big heavy flakes....AAAAAAHHHH!! I was so mad!

All the snow from November hasn't melted yet! Why are we getting MORE?!? It's awful! I didn't have a heavy coat on! and of course I was wearing little ankle socks so my feet were wet from just walking through the parking lot. By the time I shoveled all the snow from my car my hair, which I now straighten everyday, was just wet enough from the snow flakes to make it look out of control for the rest of the day. And because it's really slushy and wet the back of my pants are soaked clear up to my calf...even after being inside all day!

And it's still snowing and it's already's going to go all night! I can't even remember a world with out snow, I feel like the last few days when it finally reached the 40's was our it's over, winters starting again! GRRRR!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buyers Remorse

On Wednesday I had my haircut. I was in a desperate need of getting a 're-shaping' and my curly hair was looking a little two "mom in the early 90's" who's perm was kind of fading but the frizz was sticking. I had in my mind what I wanted, "just add some layer, and re-shape it" I planned to say. Well then I got to the salon and it seems like no matter what I want before I walk into the salon I always feel like I need to significantly change my hair... I mean if I'm going to pay someone as much as I do to cut my hair they might as well do some real work! Well I give my speech to my stylist, then my moment of hesitation came through my voice, and out of now where I said, "I've been thinking about going back to the cut you gave me in November" And before I knew it she was cutting away. Well, now I have Buyers Remorse! I feel like I have to straighten it everyday to make it look good....which is not the best timing with Finals just around the corner!

My other buyers regret is Dove Deodorant. I've been using 'Secret' for years. So when my deodorant ran out, I thought it was time for a change, why not try a new brand? Well all week I've seriously regretted that Dove Deodorant, because it just didn't agree with my arm pits...and I was super sweaty all week. Don't worry though I got new Secret Deodorant last's all back to normal!

So there you go, my buyer remorse!

PS--just an update for the family...I am super busy trying to finish a few major projects for a couple of my classes. I have one early final this week, and then just those projects. I dropped out of Stat's so I no longer have to worry about the final, but I am still attending the class to get a heads up on next semester.

I registered for classes this summer, and also in the fall. If I work my tushy off this summer I may actually be back on track for a spring '11 graduation. I'm not too hopeful for that so I am shooting for fall '11!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I should blog...but what?

I should be doing homework...but after Tuesday's unfortunate statistic's test, I have been left unmotivated. I guess i'll just give you a quick update. I am trying to pass my statistics class, but I got a 12 (Yes, a twelve), the sad thing is I felt fairly confident about that one. So, I have two options: Fail...with a big D- or F, or withdraw and get a big W on my transcript. That is all I want to say about that!

I got my new Shape Magazine today for April....just another reminder that I have gained yet another pant size since I've moved to Alaska. Surviving Alaska's winter had it's costs...a few extra pounds and a big lumpy butt. But good thing I'm married now because I have no one to impress.

I washed the layers and layers of dirt off my fact, they had me drive through the car wash twice because it was still dirty....when I was done my car was so white it was almost blinding. You see...they don't plow the roads here in AK they just through done sand and gravel. Besides that many places don't even pave their parking lots because 8 months of the year it if covered in thick ice and snow...(this is my work parking lot). As the snow melts it creates such a muddy mess!

That's my life...and Jed made dinner tonight but put it in the freezer to "cool" off...unfortunately it cooled off too much and is now frozen..."but at least I didn't burn it" he says. Bon Appetite!