Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fur Rondy '11

It's Fur Rondy time again! It's Anchorage's big festivities to celebrate the big fur rendezvous and the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. It was a little warmer this year, the sun was out! But it was windy and really chilly. I thought it would be fun to ride the Ferris Wheel and Jed didn't argue too much, but once we got out on top it was SOOO cold! Worse idea ever! (This is us on top of the Ferris Wheel...FREEZING!)
We also had Flat Stanley with us, I took him to the Fur Auction...I think I am trying to smile, but I don't know...we couldn't feel our face after the that ferris Wheel ride.
Also ran into the Missionaries...we took their picture with Flat Stanley also!
The dog sled race, we didn't see too many of the real racers, but maybe next week we'll catch some!

On President's Day we also took a drive out to Talkeetna, Why? Just because...It was a little break from our daily routine. We saw a really beautiful bald eagle on the way and snapped a few photos.

AND if you are every in Talkeetna...which you should all visit one day! But if you are, you need to go to Mountain High Pizza Pie!! The most delicious pizza you'll ever taste! We got the Calzone, which is basically an entire pizza folded in half...mmmm--mmmm-mmm!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One way ticket to....

I really should post more often. But it is hard because I feel so negative lately, and I hate spreading the negative vibes. It is hard to be in Alaska this time of year. It is really cold and there is no hope for winter to be over. I heard that Utah is having a bit of warmer all of you in UT you may not realize but your upper 40 degree temperature would be heavenly right now.

For the last few days it has been hanging around -5 to -10 degrees. My energy levels have dropped, probably from the lack of sunlight and vitamin D. I stay in bed as long as I possibly can, which means I no longer allow myself the time to go out and start my car before I have to leave for work (Shhh ...don't tell Jed.) My car really doesn't do well in the negative temperatures, it growls really loudly. Trying to drive a car that cold is just painful, but what can I say? I would rather sleep in my warm bed for those extra minutes than bother to warm up my car.

Things are getting a little better though, when I leave for work (around 8-ish) I can see a glimmer of hope coming beyond the horizon...the sun?? Oh heaven's no, but the sky has changed from being full of bright stars to a midnight blue, I can see the silhouette of the mountains to the east. During the day the sun has been shining brightly, but just at the level that your car visor won't quite block it.

But even with the sun coming out more, there is still a thick layer of ice over all the roads, parking lots, and side walks. It is still painfully cold to be outside for more than a few minutes...and people are getting irritated by it. A friend brought to my attention not too long ago that February is the mean month...especially up here! People get very impatient and tempers get out of control...meetings are more stressful, people I work with (clients and co-workers) are more easily offended, homework assignments seem more demanding of your time. All because we are hating winter and just want it to be over with!

I find myself browsing the one way tickets on Expedia...Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro, or the Caribbean? At this point I would take Seattle! I just wish the winter would be over. I want to walk out side without my bulky (yet very cute) snow boots, gloves, hat, and heavy coat...I want to wear normal shoes!

Friday, February 4, 2011

You'll still be blessed

Yesterday Jed and I decided to go to the temple. The temple is really small up here so you have to call to make a reservation, so Jed called and made the reservation for the 8pm session, and the lady on the phone confirmed we were all set for the 8:00pm endowment session. We were running a little late had to rush to get there. When you go in the Anchorage temple you go in a little side room to remove your shoes and we rushed in threw our coats on the rack and walked up the little stairs to the recommend desk, where three temple workers were standing around talking. They immediately stop and starred at us, then exchanged glances with each other then asked "so what are you doing?"...umm, temple work I thought that's what we are supposed to do at the temple but Jed answered that we were doing and endowment session, again they glanced at each other and I thought we were too late...but there was still 15 min before the session was supposed to start. Then the gentlemen said, "well I guess you didn't get the message. The temple schedule changed and we only do a 7pm session rather than the 6pm & 8pm." So we missed it! But they assured us that we would be blessed for our efforts and they'd be sure to record our name in the computer. We turned around and got back into the truck that was still nice and warm and drove home. Going to the temple is so much easier than I remembered...And the truck was still warm!