Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fur Rondy '11

It's Fur Rondy time again! It's Anchorage's big festivities to celebrate the big fur rendezvous and the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. It was a little warmer this year, the sun was out! But it was windy and really chilly. I thought it would be fun to ride the Ferris Wheel and Jed didn't argue too much, but once we got out on top it was SOOO cold! Worse idea ever! (This is us on top of the Ferris Wheel...FREEZING!)
We also had Flat Stanley with us, I took him to the Fur Auction...I think I am trying to smile, but I don't know...we couldn't feel our face after the that ferris Wheel ride.
Also ran into the Missionaries...we took their picture with Flat Stanley also!
The dog sled race, we didn't see too many of the real racers, but maybe next week we'll catch some!

On President's Day we also took a drive out to Talkeetna, Why? Just because...It was a little break from our daily routine. We saw a really beautiful bald eagle on the way and snapped a few photos.

AND if you are every in Talkeetna...which you should all visit one day! But if you are, you need to go to Mountain High Pizza Pie!! The most delicious pizza you'll ever taste! We got the Calzone, which is basically an entire pizza folded in half...mmmm--mmmm-mmm!


  1. You crazy Ak-ers and your festivals in the freezing cold!! At leat the sun was out, eh? How many more weeks of winter?

  2. You are seriously so crazy. Como voce pode aguentar um frio assim??? Nossa!

  3. I want a cabin in Talkeetna. Its not to far and I can see Mt. McKinley. Those are my 2 requirements. Oh and I need 10 acres because I do not want to see my neighbors...ever. I will have to eat some pizza too!