Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break

This week was our Spring Break. It didn't feel at all like a Spring Break. We've had a pretty crazy week. First off! Why do professors feel the need to ruin any plans you might have for spring break? The largest assignments were given to me for this week. I have a 14 page take home midterm...I thought I was almost finished with it, there was only one more section left--which directed me to another section online that is 16 pages of more ridiculous questions! So I am sitting by our really slow printer waiting for those pages to print. But I've been slowly working on this project all week.

One nice thing is we haven't had to flex our work schedules so both Jed and I put in the normal hours and didn't have to worry about staying later or going in earlier.

But Jed had some bad luck later this week...he was working on his jeep and left his glasses on the hood then drove we spent Friday night looking for them but still no luck.
Then the next morning his laptop died. I don't know exactly what happened, it doesn't recognize the hard drive anymore. We've been expecting it but it is always sad and disappointing when something you love dies. Jed also had to give a talk on Sunday and also teach his Sunday School class.

It has been nice and sunny. It's been in the upper twenties all week, so I guess I can't complain too much. I've been wearing normal shoes...this is the perfect time before break up comes and it will be too wet to were anything but rain boots. I just miss the days where we could drive south for a few hours and feel the southern sun!

Well my papers are finishing up. I have a few big assignments dues the first part of this week. Also I have my THIRD interview to be a tour director tomorrow. I have to give a presentation as if we were on a bus and I am giving a tour! Wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Signs!

The First Sign: Today when I came home from work the sun was still shining. The Sun now rises at 7:39am and sets at 6:43pm...meaning we have 11 hours and 4 minutes of sunlight! It is so great to see the sun shining so much during the day! I can't wait for the long summer days!

The Second Sign: As shown in the video above...water dripping! Though it will freeze again this is starting to slowly melt. It is the best sound in the world to hear spring coming (Slowly).

The Third Sign: While I paused to listen to the water dripping I heard the song of a bird singing in the background! That is a sound that we don't hear all winter...well we hear the loud crowing of the disgustingly large black raven's but they are really gross and don't count. But the birds are migrating back!!! There is sign of LIFE again!

Three signs that this awful horrible winter is almost over!!