Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elliot Yesterday

Elliot was very happy yesterday! I could hear him happily screetching as I walked up the drive way to pick him up from day care...he is getting loud. Ms. N says he likes to get particularly loud when the other kids are trying to take a nap. He loves watching the other kids at Day Care.

He continues to be such a good sleeper, in fact Monday night he slept for twelve hours, but that was after a rough weekend. At home he is a very happy baby. He likes to talk to Jed and laughs at him.
Lately he thinks it really funny when I sing "if you're happy & you know it"...he doesn't think it's as funny when Jed sings, but he will laugh and laugh when I sing to him.

Heath came over yesterday so that we could go shopping together at the thrift store where I get a discount...he helped keep Elliot entertained while I ate dinner.

Elliot wearing Uncle Heath's hat.

Tomorrow Elliot is coming to work with me...since his day care is closed and my boss & co-workers want to see him.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Elliot just had his 4 month check up!
He is 14 lbs 10 oz
25 inches long

He is very average. I thought he was really big but apparently not. He is doing great! He likes to eat a lot and that sometimes stresses me out because I feel like I'm not keeping up.

I pump at work and most days I pump less than he ate that day at daycare. So far we still have milk in the freezer so I feel like the Lord has probably helped out. However, after this weekend I am exhausted (and probably dehydrated). Elliot got his shots on Friday so he was fussy and then just wanted to nurse literally all day and all night. I probably drank 2 gallons of water the next day and a couple Gatorade and still felt thirsty. He drained me! He is feeling much better, and I think that will do a lot to help boost my supply.

Elliot is getting to be so big and developing a little personality. He is showing preference to certain toys, for example he still prefers the balloon (now a new one that uncle heath got for his birthday) to any other toy. Sorry hilpy he is not as excited about the mat you sent him, he just likes to pull that down.
  • He like a little ball that also has a ribbon to clip to his clothes and a stuffed monkey.
  • He is talking more and more and doesn't cry too much, he will howl/sing when he is hungry, but it's not really a cry.
  • He hasn't rolled over yet but he is getting really close, and he is doing much better with tummy time.
  • He found his tongue the other day and for a week this was the only expression we saw from him...picture below.
  • He's not ticklish at all...more annoyed and will squirm away.
  • He is not cuddly....at all! He just wants to be out looking around, not even when he is sick and fussy does he want to cuddle with us. I hope someday he will change his mind.
  • He is interested in the TV, it will captivate his attention for a surprisingly long time. This morning I wasn't feeling well and was watching Steel Magnolias and he pretty much played quietly on the ground and watched the majority of the movie with me...well...he wasn't fussing that is all that matters.
  • HE SLEEPS! Yes, he is a great sleeper, with the exception of getting his shots and the occasional weekend night when his routine is off. He will sleep a minimum of 9 hours a night, he is very routine oriented he wants to be nursing by 8pm and in bed no later than 9pm. He usually wakes up around 7:30, when I finally have to get him ready to go to day care. It is a huge blessing...and yet I still can't figure out why I am still so exhausted.
Overall, we are doing well. I have had a bad cold this weekend and Jed had a stomach bug this week but we are feeling better.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much lately, but I would much rather play with this little guy than open my laptop.

I tried to upload a few movies of Elliot talking...the first one I love his skinny little neck, it reminds me of E.T.