Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elliot Yesterday

Elliot was very happy yesterday! I could hear him happily screetching as I walked up the drive way to pick him up from day care...he is getting loud. Ms. N says he likes to get particularly loud when the other kids are trying to take a nap. He loves watching the other kids at Day Care.

He continues to be such a good sleeper, in fact Monday night he slept for twelve hours, but that was after a rough weekend. At home he is a very happy baby. He likes to talk to Jed and laughs at him.
Lately he thinks it really funny when I sing "if you're happy & you know it"...he doesn't think it's as funny when Jed sings, but he will laugh and laugh when I sing to him.

Heath came over yesterday so that we could go shopping together at the thrift store where I get a discount...he helped keep Elliot entertained while I ate dinner.

Elliot wearing Uncle Heath's hat.

Tomorrow Elliot is coming to work with me...since his day care is closed and my boss & co-workers want to see him.

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  1. I bet not much work will be getting do e with him around ;) Porter is just starting to give smiles freely and giggle, I love that! Just wait until Elliot is being so happy and screeching during a quiet moment at church :)