Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Shopping Day!

Yesterday was such a busy day....I took the day off work, not for a relaxing day, but because I knew this may be the last day that I could take off and get everything done before finals and the Christmas holidays.

This is what it was like... no joke.

8:47am: Leave in -13 degree weather to go to the day care

9:00am: Met with the Day Care provider and talk about the contracts and all that business.

9:40am: Drive to Burlington Coat Factory to check out the baby section, particularly car seats

10:30am: Stop at Costco to see if they still have a car seat, and browse the isles of the giant wonderland. (Temp rises to -5 degrees)

11:07am: Drive across town to REI, to look for a baby pack/carrier...specifically the Ergo carrier, and to look for a snow suit, ran into our friend Ann and her kids, looked at studded tires for Jed's bike.

11:40am: Stop for lunch at Marty's Bagel Deli (Warmed up to 2 degrees)

12:20pm: drive around the one way streets to get back to a small store "Once Upon a Child" which sells used baby items. Found a Bopsy for $8, and a BOB stroller for $175, but we didn't get the stroller.

12:40pm: headed to the Hospital to meet the pediatrician. (Temperatures cooled down to zero)

12:55pm: Arrived in Parking lot and killed some time by checking out Facebook...Jed thought it would be funny to update his status and say "At the hospital with Sarah"

1:00pm: Found the pediatrician office, had a great meet and greet with the doctor asked lots of questions. He said he'd see us at the hospital unless it was Christmas, because he isn't working that day. Other than that he seems like a good guy and nice office staff.

1:30pm: Went to the Nursing Boutique in the lobby of the hospital and bought an infant insert for the ergo carrier and also got the coolest ice cleats for my boots ever! I don't think I'll be slipping with those on!

1:57pm: Left the hospital drove across town to Babies'R'Us

2:14pm: Arrived at Babies'R'Us,

2:15pm: Hilary calls upset, wondering what is wrong with me because Jed posted I was in the Hospital...she was so upset she said she was crying...then she was mad at Jed for playing such a mean trick.

2:20pm: started shopping for car seat, testing out the stroller car seat combos...which by the way why is a car seat alone $160...but I can get a car seat and a stroller together for the same price?

3:00pm...Finally make a decision about just getting a car seat alone...then see the one next to it is on sale for $50 less...but go back on our original decision. Get a separate base for the seat for Jed's truck, so we don't have to switch it out all the time.

3:02pm: start shopping for little things, Onesies, snow suit. Which we still can't find a NB size snow suit...not just a fuzzy fleece 'warm suit' but we're looking for an insulated Alaskan snow suit...they had one that we wanted and we didn't buy it AND now they are gone. Shopped for a diaper bag, closet organizers, a Genie Diaper pale and baby wipes.

3:55pm: Jed dropped me off for my prenatal massage and chiropractic appointment. A very nice break during all the running around. (Temp drops again to -3 degree...and sun is setting)

5:30pm: Jed picked me up and we headed to Target. Target we shopped for closet organizing items, hangers and grabbed some nursing pads to keep on hand. (Sun is long gone, temp still -3)

6:23pm: Heading home, stopped at Little Caesar's for a pizza
7:15pm: Arrive home (Temp dropped to -7 degrees)
7:23pm: Finally carried everything into the house.
7:30pm: Eat our pizza while watching some DVR'ed Chelsea Lately
8:00pm: Start my Journal project that is due in 12 hours
9:35pm: Finally finish my project and email it to professor
9:50pm: Bedtime and exhausted

But we are so ready for this baby to come! Hopefully Jed won't post anything that misleads you all again...and the next time it will be for "realsies"!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Zombie Themed Baby Shower

My co-workers threw a baby shower for me this weekend. They decided to have it be a "zombie theme"...I do have a love of zombies, so it wasn't just out of the blue. They used pictures from my Halloween costume to create the invitations.

All week it has been snowing like crazy, but Saturday right before the shower was starting it looked like a blizzard. But it's Alaska and it stop anyone from coming. Even some of my friends from Eagle River that said it was a complete white out. I guess that's the good thing about living in Alaska, a little snow doesn't slow us down.

We had the shower at Sicily's Pizza, which had a room we could reserve and it was a buffet pizza place. So everyone could buy their own buffet or just hang out with us. My co-workers did such an awesome job with decorations.
This little figure just added a special touch to the Zombie Themed was really funny and definitely a conversation starter. My boss, Dixi made these adorable little bibs with "PACO" on them...since we still don't have a name picked out...and I think everyone at work will forever call him Paco, no matter what we name him.
We also had these delicious cake pops that were decorated like little zombies...and they were so good!

We also played "Wack-a-Baby"
Where you can beat a baby pinata to get all our aggression out.

I was amazed that so many people came and supported me. It makes me realized that I have made more friends here than I imagined.
I also got tons of gifts...and really good stuff too!

I was so excited that Nicole came--even through a complete blizzard. It was like having a little piece of one of my best friends Courtney there too (because they are case you didn't know that.)

I had tons of fun going home and having 'show-and-tell' with Jed and all of the stuff we got.
Thank you for everyone that came and helped with the shower!
I love you all!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Birthday!!

My co-worker loves me and brought me TWO bags of potato chips for my birthday.

I had a pretty great started really early when I started receiving texts and calls at 5am, people forget there is a two hour difference from Alaska to Utah.

My co-workers decorated my office with their typical birthday fashion. I also got a birthday card and $10 from the big head executive director...that is the only bonus we get all year.

I was really looking forward to going to my yoga class, but then I had a meeting that went a little late, and the roads were bad so with all the accidents and people driving slow I didn't make it. I started to drive home and it took me an hour to get home. I was kind of disappointed, but then Jed and I went to my favorite little hamburger place in Anchorage called Lucky Wishbone...I had a delicious grilled cheese, onion rings and an oreo shake. It was delicious! Afterwards I got to open my birthday presents.
Jed gave me flowers, and this weird Bert balloon.
I also got the Lion King, which we watched and I sang along to all the songs,

and my favorite....


Jed got me a spa pass!

I am so excited to use them....

I am going to pamper myself crazy before this baby comes!!