Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Birthday!!

My co-worker loves me and brought me TWO bags of potato chips for my birthday.

I had a pretty great started really early when I started receiving texts and calls at 5am, people forget there is a two hour difference from Alaska to Utah.

My co-workers decorated my office with their typical birthday fashion. I also got a birthday card and $10 from the big head executive director...that is the only bonus we get all year.

I was really looking forward to going to my yoga class, but then I had a meeting that went a little late, and the roads were bad so with all the accidents and people driving slow I didn't make it. I started to drive home and it took me an hour to get home. I was kind of disappointed, but then Jed and I went to my favorite little hamburger place in Anchorage called Lucky Wishbone...I had a delicious grilled cheese, onion rings and an oreo shake. It was delicious! Afterwards I got to open my birthday presents.
Jed gave me flowers, and this weird Bert balloon.
I also got the Lion King, which we watched and I sang along to all the songs,

and my favorite....


Jed got me a spa pass!

I am so excited to use them....

I am going to pamper myself crazy before this baby comes!!


  1. Well you should pamper yourself, you deserve it. And you probably can't reach your feet to message them anyways and see them either. I am glad that you had such a great birthday. And NO it was not me that called you that early to wish you a happy birthday, although i did think about it. And what is up with the Bert balloon? Did he just forget about Ernie?

  2. I have been meaning for a couple of days to comment! Sorry! I am glad you had a great birthday! Spa passes are my favorite bday gifts. And maybe you need to add bert and simba to your baby name list ;)