Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am thinking this could be my Halloween costume...A picture just in case you ever wanted to see what I looked like at 4am, after being awake for several hours...with no hope of more sleep.

Tonight is another sleepless night. It seems so unjust to not be able to sleep now, when in just a few months I will have a newborn and I will be losing sleep with him...doesn't it make more sense that I would be able to go into a deep restful state prior to the birth of my child, so I would be well rested and prepared to take on the challenges ahead. But no, my body has a different's "training" me to be up with the baby. It's stupid.

So when these nights come...which are becoming more frequent I lie in bed as long as I can trying to fight it because I am so tired. Then I will finally grab my phone and try to bore myself back to sleep by checking Facebook and emails...which doesn't seem to work. The last thing I want to do is get up and leave my bed, especially in our little apartment. The front room doesn't have heat, because the floor board pipe thingy is broken and the landlords are 'slum-lords' who won't fix it, because they would have to pretty much destroy the apartment below us to do it. So, when I finally decide that I need to leave my warm sleepless bed and wander around I freeze to death.

It seems like these nights always come at the busiest times. Last night was supposed to be my relaxing night because we didn't have a young woman's activity, but as soon as I got out of class I got a message from my visiting teaching companion reminding me that we set up a time to go visit someone (since I didn't have YW's). So I headed there straight after being at work and class all day. Then I called to tell Jed I was going to be late, only to be reminded that we had a temple recommend interview at the stake center also scheduled (since I didn't have YW's). So I rushed through visiting teaching, picked up Jed, who brought me my skirt so I could change in the car on the way to the interview and we rushed to our stake center which is clear across town. We were a little late, but what better excuse is there than 'I was visiting teaching...and it's not the last day of the month'...huh?

Afterwards I was starving and rather than driving the 20 min home only to have to prepare, cook, and clean up dinner...I convinced Jed to take me to dinner at the "Burrito King" mmm..mmm..(which yes, it is as ghetto-fabulous as it sounds). By this time it was 8pm and I was ready to go home. But alas, we had to make another stop at Sear's to browse the tool section. I pretty much fell in bed as soon as we got home. I wish tomorrow night would be better, but I have a busy day at work, and the youth temple night is tomorrow. Friday is even busier, with work Halloween party, a massage/chiropractic appointment, a friends open house, and my works Halloween dance in the evening. Saturday I have volleyball with the YW's in the morning, class from 1-4pm, grocery shopping and our church is doing "trunk-or-treat". Sunday is church, YW's presidency meeting, more visiting teaching, a paper to write that is due on Monday, dinner with my brother and my favorite TV show 'The Walking Dead'---which is how I am feeling right now...I think I have become the walking dead.


  1. Oh you poor thing. I'll be praying for you to make it through the next few days and that you'll be able to sleep! Love ya tons!

  2. Oh waite until you have little Paco and then you will really look like a zombie!