Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kenai Trip

Jed skipping rocks on the shore of Skilak Lake
It was our 2nd anniversary this weekend! Two years...pretty crazy huh? It was a great weekend. On Saturday I had to go to our young women's volley ball game at the stake center, when I came back to my car I found a dozen red roses in my car. It was a great surprise, and the young women are always so fun and full of enthusiams, they were oohing-and ahhing for until I drove away. Jed and I drove to Kenia which is about 2 hours south of Anchorage.
It was the most gorgeous weekend, it was a little chilly but just a perfect fall day. We drove out to the Captain Cook State Park, which is the very end of the Kenai Pensinsula. It was so clear you could see for miles and miles, giving us a perfect view of Mt Redoubt, the volcano that recently errupted in 2009.

This picture makes me feel gi-normous! My stomach is growing everyday...but Oh my goodness, when will my boobs stop growing!! Holy cow!

The above picture is also by Skilak Lake, it was so nice and calm we sat there in perfect silence for an hour.

This is a picture on the beach of Captian Cook State Park, the mountain in the distance is Mt. Redoubt.
Along the Turnagain Arm on our way out we stopped to watch some Beluga whales. Also that boat I have never seen a boat in the Turnagain Arm, boats normally don't come up that Arm, because it is so silty and there are no fish. So it was fun to watch the boat and see some Belugas. We saw this couple getting wedding pictures and it was gorgeous!

Along the shore of the Turnagain Arm, I am watching the boat and trying to spot Beluga whales.
It was a great weekend! I am so happy to be married to Jed! He is my best friend and he is going to be an awesome dad! I love you babe!


  1. These pictures are awesome. What a beautiful day!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! I LOVED all the pictures. What beautiful places. And you look so cute with your little baby bump! Love it!

  3. gorgeous! And would have never noticed your boobs if you hadn't said anything LOL! so funny. I want to know how the bride climbed those rocks in a dress! But what an awesome day for a photoshoot. I hope you and Jed jumped in the background of some of those;)

  4. Your pics are so pretty! And think all that has happened in 2 years! Crazy!

  5. beautiful take advantage of the good weather was a good thing. the baby big bump and the large boobs seem to go together

  6. WOW Those things are going to get so big one day they are going to POP! lol It looks very pretty up there a little chilly, but still nice. I can't believe that it has been two years already. Before you know it you will be married for ten and it will feel like only a few short years have passed. I am happy for you!

  7. By the way the anonymous post is from your big sister hilary