Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010: Jones' style!

It is Halloween Weekend! We had a really great time getting our costumes together and going to our church's Trunk-or-Treat! It was a lot of fun. Jed Dressed up as a hillbilly/redneck, I went as Woodsy the Owl "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute". We gave out a lot of candy and had fun talking to some people in our ward.

Other updates:
* I got an A on my statistics mid-term and got B's on my other two mid-terms! School is half way done!
* A friend came to church with me today and is coming to our house Tuesday night to hear the missionaries lessons.
* We are having dinner tonight with a family in the ward who seem very cool...they like to bike and are really friend who came to church is also coming!
* That is pretty much the update...but I think the first bullet point would explain why there is nothing else to report. I am studying a lot!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

just a weekly update

So another week has gone by. It seems that I haven't accomplished much except for homework this week. I think I left a load of clothes in the washer that will have to be washed again. I even made Jed go do the grocery shopping.
I have two mid-terms this week. I am experiencing my first 400 level college exam and it shouldnt be a surprise that studying for this exam is kicking my butt. I also have my statistics Mid-term, but luckily I have a good study buddy and we spend hours every Wednesday night so I feel like I am doing much much better this go round...Just don't ask me WHY we use any of the formulas...I just know how to plug in the info.

It's super cold's been in the 20-30's all week. But no snow! It's supposed to snow tomorrow. I really wish I would have already put my studded tires on my car!

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 9th, One Year!

Jed and I had our first wedding anniversary! October 09th. So, being the first big anniversary, we had to celebrate doing something different than the normal dinner and movie. So we spent the night at the Alyeska hotel. It was fantastic, complete with white robes, slippers and fancy rooms. On the way out to Girdwood we chased the Bore Tide, it was great! Since I've only seen it one other time. It was a pretty good tide also...we tried to get pictures but since we both forgot the camera we only had cellphone cameras. But it was really beautiful! This is Jed literally chasing the bore tide...he ran down the trail to see if we could get a better view.

If you look really closely and if you were there you would be able to see the tide in this photo...but good luck! Just think of it as a beautiful scene.

I surprised Jed by having someone I found on Craigslist make a traditionally celebrate our first anniversary! It was delicious. I hid it in the car, then sneaked out and had the front desk delivery it! It was a great surprise!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My 180th semi-annual General Conference Weekend

I had a really great and spiritual weekend! Saturday was busy because both Jed and I have classes, so we weren't able to listen to a lot of conference. I did get to listen to some of Saturday Afternoon session while I was busy cleaning my house and making cinamin rolls.

To make things better we had the missionaries for dinner. They came right after the priesthood session. We made them a huge breakfast/dinner...with tons of pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and Cinamin rolls for desert. The last few times we've fed the missionaries we have underestimated the amount of food they are capable of this time we were prepared, it felt like we were feeding an army! But after all was said and done there was not much left! I think we have found our secret weapon to satisfy missionaries appetites! They were a lot of fun also! We found out that our next door neighbor...or the neighbor on the other side of our wall is also LDS, but just semi active. It was great to have the missionaries in our home and to feel the spirit.

Sunday was a great, we watched conference at home with our laptop plugged into our TV. We stayed in our pajamas all day and we make a delicious roast in the crockpot! I love general conference.

So next Saturday is our one year anniversary!! It's gone by fast huh?