Sunday, May 31, 2009

My week

Hey  (yeah What's up with the underlining on blogspot!) Well I am sorry I haven't updated in a while I felt like I didn't really have much to write...but mostly I feel the need to post pictures with my posts and most times I don't have my camera with me--or I just forget to, so I apologize! 

( I have no idea what's up with blogspot font and underline) Well Jed came to visit on his days off! I was really glad to see him because I need a slow easy transition into living alone with no friends in Anchorage :( (sad huh?!) So when Jed is around I don't need to worry about entertaining myself...mostly I follow him around.  But he does a good job of keeping me busy! Thursday after work we went to Wasilla to look at a camper. The Camper looked great except it was custom built for the guy. It only had two rows of seats (seat belts included) and a little counter top--with no stove, no fridge, no sink...just seats and a place to sleep. Jed and I were laughing at what the owner would do with a camper designed like that? We decided he must have been using it to smuggle immigrants across the border...You know all those Canadians dying to get over the border! 
Friday night we drove to Seward, it's about two hours south of Anchorage. We were going to hike Exit Glacier but it was kind of raining and it was getting late so we just walked around it. I forgot my camera for that--I'm waiting on Jed to send some we took on his camera and then I'll post them! Everything is getting so green and it is really beautiful! It was really rainy in Seward and cold. We pitched our tent right down the bay it was awesome.  Sorry Mom for not having my phone with me or checking in with you! My mom got really worried because she couldn't get a hold of me; she finally called Jed's phone and left a message. I forget that I need to check in even when I am 3,000 miles away! Because of the rain we didn't really do much in Seward but it was fun to just get out of town and do something spontaneous! 
Jed and I tested the Chastity Couch! Can you tell by our facial expressions how much fun we are having! ;) The couch really stinks (not literally luckily!) I think I am going to keep checking on craigslist for a cheap couch or something free! I tried watching a movie today sitting on one of those chairs--it was no bueno! I tried sitting on the floor and then lying on the floor there was nothing you can do to make it comfortable. I guess that is somewhat good I will not be watching movies or TV--maybe that will encourage me to get out and make friends. 
Speaking of friends--I went to church today and surprised myself with my shyness. I didn't really talk to anyone. I wrongfully hoped that someone would just approach me and introduce themselves to me...I know I need to make the effort but the only people I talked to were the missionary Elder Amidon....or something and a guy who over heard me tell the missionary I was from Spanish Fork, he almost jumped over the pew because he just returned from his mission and his last area was SF. He was really awkward, and had never heard of Benjamin. So I really didn't make any friends this week at church. I need a new approach though--it's the first time I've gone into a "singles" ward not "single". It's easy to make friends when you are single--you can flirt with all the guys, but I felt awkward! I was lost! So give me some tips on how to be social with out having a goal of getting a date! I don't even know where to begin!  

This is a picture from a while ago, it was the first dry cabin in Fairbanks that I saw with Jed. It was a really cheap and we now know why. I have a feeling it is ghetto of Fairbanks. It was tiny and as you can see extremely trashy...You can't see it in the picture but they had the outhouse right in the front yard. I loved it! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

A little of everything!

Do you think you could just cut and paste me? I would blend really well! I had my hair colored and cut two days ago. It is so hard to find a stylist that works well with curly hair. I was really sad to leave behind Brooke Tonga my stylist for the last three years. So I went to a co-workers stylist. She did a really great job the color is great...although it is a little dark--a little too Debbie Smith, with a purplish tint--it looks better than the brassy highlights that were in my hair. So the lady cutting my hair asks me how crazy can I get with the layers and I immediately said "not crazy, my hair is crazy enough as it is!" She said okay...but the layers kept getting shorter. It is a great cut for straight hair, it lays nicely...but this morning I almost cried because I had so much volume, plus the little bit of frizziness from the weather here, I feel like I should be wearing black leather and I need a Key-Tar (the guitar keyboards!) The picture doesn't do justice...I guess I shouldn't be surprised I typically have big hair, which is the big trend of the eighties but it is always frustrating to get a hair cut you don't like!

Well Jed left yesterday to move to Fairbanks so for the first time since I've been here in Alaska I had no plans. I had no idea where I was going to go or what I was going to do. It was kind of an identity crisis for me. Everything I did back home gave me my identity and at least for a day I felt like that was completely wiped away and I was starting completely fresh. I had no routine, no likes or dislikes, no friends, no family... It was an incredible feeling of freedom! I tried to stay at work as long as I could but eventually my boss, Dixi had to tell me to go home. So, I decided to do what I always thought I would like to do--go to the library, check out a book and actually enjoy reading something besides a textbook. So I did! I got a library card and found a book that Becky told me about "Three Cups of Tea". Then I went to the grocery store. With my previous job I didn't grocery shop a lot, I didn't cook because I didn't have time. So I thought it would be a good idea if I cooked some muffins for breakfast...Just call me Betty!! But I did manage to make two pasta salads! Oh yeah! I was on a roll I bought some pasta and made one then I was looking at a recipe on the back of the other pasta package and it sounded really good...luckily my roommate had some extra ingredients to help out! I didn't get a picture of those...but I thought you all would be impressed with my baking skills!! However, now that Jed is gone, I plan to use this time to learn some new recipes! Or maybe I will just stick with the salad thing for a while! My boss, Dixi, had a baby moose born under their deck this morning!!! She lives in Big Lake (Which is even further past Wasilla--like more than an hour and a half commute) Her husband let on of their dogs out this morning and rather than running straight out like the dog normally does he started smelling around. So Dixi's husband knew something was out there but before he could do anything the dog was flying through the air...the mama moose, protecting her baby, kicked the dog then stomped on him. Luckily, the dog got away and wasn't hurt. Dixi said the baby had just been born, it was even still wet they took these pictures through their garage window but they watched the baby moose take it's first steps. They are really awkward looking...I don't know how they can even walk! The mama moose was really upset with them and hissing, and stomping a lot. Cute though!

So this Memorial Day weekend I am leaving work and heading straight to Fairbanks. I think I'm going to camp because Jed works. I have a my new library book, I have a cooler with dr pepper, and I think I'll take my bike with hopes of finding a road to actually ride on! I will be back to Anchorage on Monday! Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Mormon Mansion

"The Mormon Mansion"--well, it's not really the celestial mansion I always dreamed of, in fact it is more like the Telestial version. It is like I described Ghetto-Fabulous...the shopping cart out front really captures the "ghetto" category, while the large white columns put it more into the "fabulous" category...hence the term "Ghetto-Fabulous". But hey rent is cheap...the area...not the greatest but compared to what? It's Anchorage! It's not a trailer park, there is no TY-VEX and exposed blue tarps! So it's really not that bad.
We don't have a couch...and in the "Mormon Mansion" Fashion we have the epidemy of all chasity couches!! The retired church chairs! I thought BYU-Approved Housing was bad...but wow! I guess Jed and I will have to get used to it ;)

Overall it is really not that is really spacious and it has a really homie feel to it. I felt really good about my decision to live there.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So the other day I was invited to attend a fund raising luncheon for the Arc of Anchorage. Seated at the table with me were three people who were LDS, one was a young lady who said she knew some people in her ward looking for a roommate. We exchanged numbers and WA-LA! I found a place to live in what they call "The Mormon Mansion". It is two bedrooms, I share with just one other girl who is also an return missionary. It is not the nicest place i've looked at, but I feel really great about my Ghetto-Fabulous place!

Things with Jed are great! Today we went to church then went on a walk around Lake Cheney across the road from the chapel. The picture above is from the walk. Sadly though, Jed is leaving to Fairbanks on Wednesday to work for the summer. He works in Anchorage during the winter months. Jed is a mechanic on a train for the rail cars owned by the Royal Celebrity Tours. So he goes to Fairbanks during the tourist season. We will see each other on the weekends, when we can. A six hour drive is still better than being in Utah while he is here in Alaska! I am having so much fun here and with him!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Quick Update

I keep hoping that I will get some really amazing photos to post but either I leave my camera in my car and I don't have it with me when a moose comes slowly wandering across the road...then stops and poses for me while we are driving, or just standing along the trail Jed and I were jogging--moose are everywhere and really ugly beasts!

Today I begged Jed to go running with me or do anything physically active. I feel like I have been sitting idle for two weeks. Today I was sitting at my desk feeling really annoyed that I have been sitting for so long! So luckily I didn't have to beg Jed too much--then I had to beg him to wait for me!

I continue to love my job. I love the people I work with and I am continually amazed at the service the people receive here. The funding seems so much greater and there is a lesser population so the funds are more readily available, unlike Utah with a large populations and limited funds. However, it is very difficult to staff as many hours as they are funded to receive. I love my job and everyday feel so blessed to be able to have such a great job to help me transition.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bear vs Moose


So this may be one of those "you had to be there" stories but I still thought it was funny and it was the most interesting thing I could think to blog about...besides getting fingerprinted and having a McKinnley Burger with Jed. So I work with a really fun group of people. Today I sat at the lunch table with all the other Care Coordinators I felt a little intimidated by all of them to begin with and probably looked nervous anyway but then they started talking about bears. Apparently this time of year the bears are coming out of hibernation and you have to be careful. One of the team leaders started talking about a bear incident she had with her husband, then another shared a story of a giant grizzly who wandered into downtown. They started teasing me because I apparently had a concerned facial expression. Trying to prove I wasn't worried I said "I am not so worried about the bears as I am the moose...I hear more people die from moose than bears here... Right?" They agreed but one care coordinator in particular has a great sense of humor and really makes me laugh. She quickly responded "yeah--but the moose won't eat you!" we started laughing as she continued to describe the differences between a death by moose in comparision to death by bear. She said "a moose will just stomp you until you are unconscious then you will die of internal injuries....a bear will eat your arm off then tear out your throat and continue eating you! That is why you should be worried about bears Utah!" (they all call me Utah here in the one really remembers my name) We were all laughing so hard we were crying...I finally sighed and said "there is so much I still need to learn!"

I have never really thought about it--but perhaps being eaten by a bear would be much more horrifying than be trambled by a moose.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Day on the Job

Today I started my job at the Arc of Anchorage. Jed drew me a map so I could find it...I was really lucky because his other directions didn't work out so well. Becky and I first got lost in Palmer and when we called Jed for directions he just laughed and asked how we even got to Palmer...which was not apparently on our way to Anchorage. That was just the beginning. The roads are kind of crazy then add in the fact I don't know where I am going it is just a disaster...but luckily this morning I made it to work just fine. I didn't dare leave the parking lot for lunch because I was worried I wouldn't find my way back.

My first day on the job was great. Except the people who hired me and are going to train me are on vacation. It was kind of a mess...and I have a really bad cold right now so I was feeling sick, and no one knew what I was supposed to be doing for the first hour I was just thinking in my head...just send me home...just send me home. They didn't send me home, but they put me through some orientation and paper work stuff. Then they asked if it was okay if tomorrow I didn't come in because they had no one to train me. I felt like it was an answered prayer! The people seem really cool, I was worried because there are some crazy looking people here in Alaska.

I am going to sleep tomorrow and hopefully get rid of this cold!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just another day in Anchorage

Last night we took Becky to the airport. It was really hard to say good-bye and watch her walk away...then I was left all by myself with Jed (talk about scary!) All of this is such a big change for me and Becky has been so supportive. It is hard to sit that long in a car and not have all your deepest secrets and fears not come out. It was nice to have Becky there to ease a lot of my anxiety...although she just kept eating her ice cream in Fairbanks as I ran into the bathroom and puked because I was so nervous. She just told me everything would be okay and it would work out. We had tons of fun being with Jed. Saturday he took us on a tour of Anchorage. We went to Alyeska (the ski resort) and had lunch we went sight seeing a little bit. The weather is so nice I have been really surprised. It has been sunny and fairly feels warm.

We stopped by the Anchorage temple. It is tiny! I think I need to go back when spring was kind of brown and ugly. I don't think I'll be planning a wedding here any time soon ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009


We finally made our way from Fairbanks down to Wasilla. On our way we saw this igloo.
Becky and I wanted to see Mt. McKinley (or as Jed sternly reminded me that "true Alaskans" don't call it Mt McKinley, they call it Denali!) We got directions and were told that it was something we couldn't miss it. As we were driving through Denali National Park we kept looking for this gianormous mountian...where we were told we could get a good photo, but we didn't see anything too spectacular. We were laughing and pointing at different mountains asking each other "do you think it is that one?" When we finally left Denali National Park we got a little concerned and when we got to a small town we called Kristi (my mission companion) for better directions and she said "oh you passed it!" We couldn't figure out HOW we could have passed a 20,000 foot mountian but we did. We talked to Jed and he told us there was a better view from the back side anyway--so we didn't technically miss it. We were laughing so hard--thinking How could we miss it? We were thinking that maybe because we are used to big mountians around us and maybe we just were not that impressed with Mt. McKinley. But not long afterwards we saw it in the distant and yes, we were very impressed. We were very lucky because typically people can't see the mountian because it is covered in clouds. It is very rare to see the top of the mountain--but we did and were were really excited. We plan to climb it some day...if we can hire enough Sherpas to carry our stuff and/or find someone else to do it! ;) Maybe next year?

I was really nervous to get to the Hayward's, My long lost cousins--who I have never met, nor have they ever heard of me. So we made it to their house and Christine is so sweet, Bill is out of town until Monday but I am having fun getting to know his two younger girls who are 14 and 15, also Christine. The neighborhood is nice, and they have the cutest puppy that is David's (another son) I decided that I will adopt it as mine. David said I could play with it...but he I have to help train it as his attack dog. (not really he is joking)

Jed took Mama Beck and I out to dinner last night. It is wierd to think drove all this way for one free meal...atleast Becky will only get one free one ;) We had such a fun time...and Becky and I believe if Jed can tolerate us two together he passes the test--however, he still has two more days of us!! So we will see if he is ready to send us BOTH home or if he will keep me. It was really good to see made the nasty six day drive work it ..Becky says "it was not nasty! It was challenging, wonderful, glorious...eventful, and once-in-a-life-time adventure that she'll never do again! But not nasty.

So all of you at home tuning in to my blog. Know that Yes I made to my final destination. Yes, I did for a boy! And yes for him I would do it about five years.