Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bear vs Moose


So this may be one of those "you had to be there" stories but I still thought it was funny and it was the most interesting thing I could think to blog about...besides getting fingerprinted and having a McKinnley Burger with Jed. So I work with a really fun group of people. Today I sat at the lunch table with all the other Care Coordinators I felt a little intimidated by all of them to begin with and probably looked nervous anyway but then they started talking about bears. Apparently this time of year the bears are coming out of hibernation and you have to be careful. One of the team leaders started talking about a bear incident she had with her husband, then another shared a story of a giant grizzly who wandered into downtown. They started teasing me because I apparently had a concerned facial expression. Trying to prove I wasn't worried I said "I am not so worried about the bears as I am the moose...I hear more people die from moose than bears here... Right?" They agreed but one care coordinator in particular has a great sense of humor and really makes me laugh. She quickly responded "yeah--but the moose won't eat you!" we started laughing as she continued to describe the differences between a death by moose in comparision to death by bear. She said "a moose will just stomp you until you are unconscious then you will die of internal injuries....a bear will eat your arm off then tear out your throat and continue eating you! That is why you should be worried about bears Utah!" (they all call me Utah here in the one really remembers my name) We were all laughing so hard we were crying...I finally sighed and said "there is so much I still need to learn!"

I have never really thought about it--but perhaps being eaten by a bear would be much more horrifying than be trambled by a moose.


  1. I don't think either sounds particularly fun. But I would hope that if I were ever attacked by a bear, he would rip my throat out and I would die of blood loss quickly. A moose attack, you might be awake for the whole thing!

  2. Well sarah if you see either one i would just head the other direction screaming, "There is a moose over there it is going to kill me". The same with a bear. Don't take wyatts advise and try to tickle the bears. The bears will not laugh as he seems to think they will. It is like that dumb woman from germany who was in the news a few weeks ago. She jumped into the cage at the zoo with the polar bears and started swimming over to them while they were eating. The pictures show the woman swimming over towards the polar bears and then her screaming as the bear is chewing on her arm. What an idiot. write ya lady foxy Utah lady.

  3. Sarah I am going to blog about this soon but my kids just had a "special assembly" called Bear Aware at school. Seriously, the entire school sat down to a fish and game rep teaching K-6 graders how to ward off a bear if they chance an "accidental bear encounter." So yes, they take their bears seriously, but not so seriously that they require all of our trash to be put out in bear proof dumpsters at the curb every trash pick up day.