Sunday, May 31, 2009

My week

Hey  (yeah What's up with the underlining on blogspot!) Well I am sorry I haven't updated in a while I felt like I didn't really have much to write...but mostly I feel the need to post pictures with my posts and most times I don't have my camera with me--or I just forget to, so I apologize! 

( I have no idea what's up with blogspot font and underline) Well Jed came to visit on his days off! I was really glad to see him because I need a slow easy transition into living alone with no friends in Anchorage :( (sad huh?!) So when Jed is around I don't need to worry about entertaining myself...mostly I follow him around.  But he does a good job of keeping me busy! Thursday after work we went to Wasilla to look at a camper. The Camper looked great except it was custom built for the guy. It only had two rows of seats (seat belts included) and a little counter top--with no stove, no fridge, no sink...just seats and a place to sleep. Jed and I were laughing at what the owner would do with a camper designed like that? We decided he must have been using it to smuggle immigrants across the border...You know all those Canadians dying to get over the border! 
Friday night we drove to Seward, it's about two hours south of Anchorage. We were going to hike Exit Glacier but it was kind of raining and it was getting late so we just walked around it. I forgot my camera for that--I'm waiting on Jed to send some we took on his camera and then I'll post them! Everything is getting so green and it is really beautiful! It was really rainy in Seward and cold. We pitched our tent right down the bay it was awesome.  Sorry Mom for not having my phone with me or checking in with you! My mom got really worried because she couldn't get a hold of me; she finally called Jed's phone and left a message. I forget that I need to check in even when I am 3,000 miles away! Because of the rain we didn't really do much in Seward but it was fun to just get out of town and do something spontaneous! 
Jed and I tested the Chastity Couch! Can you tell by our facial expressions how much fun we are having! ;) The couch really stinks (not literally luckily!) I think I am going to keep checking on craigslist for a cheap couch or something free! I tried watching a movie today sitting on one of those chairs--it was no bueno! I tried sitting on the floor and then lying on the floor there was nothing you can do to make it comfortable. I guess that is somewhat good I will not be watching movies or TV--maybe that will encourage me to get out and make friends. 
Speaking of friends--I went to church today and surprised myself with my shyness. I didn't really talk to anyone. I wrongfully hoped that someone would just approach me and introduce themselves to me...I know I need to make the effort but the only people I talked to were the missionary Elder Amidon....or something and a guy who over heard me tell the missionary I was from Spanish Fork, he almost jumped over the pew because he just returned from his mission and his last area was SF. He was really awkward, and had never heard of Benjamin. So I really didn't make any friends this week at church. I need a new approach though--it's the first time I've gone into a "singles" ward not "single". It's easy to make friends when you are single--you can flirt with all the guys, but I felt awkward! I was lost! So give me some tips on how to be social with out having a goal of getting a date! I don't even know where to begin!  

This is a picture from a while ago, it was the first dry cabin in Fairbanks that I saw with Jed. It was a really cheap and we now know why. I have a feeling it is ghetto of Fairbanks. It was tiny and as you can see extremely trashy...You can't see it in the picture but they had the outhouse right in the front yard. I loved it! 


  1. hey I have an idea about the chasity chairs what you could probably get for fairly cheep. How about bing-bag chairs. They would be way more comfortable than sitting in the chairs that used to be in front of the bishops office. Well I think if jed is looking at this cabin he needs to find something kill it skin it and make a hat out of it and where it around where he would feel more at home. It kinda reminds me of the house in benjamine. Coags house. All it needs is a little green paint. Well I am glad you are doing so well. Something you could intertain yourself with is knitting Jed a scarf to match his freshly skined hat if he chooses to match the cabin posted. I just thought of how much the cabin reminds me of many of the houses in scofield. oweeee creepy!!! Have a good week love ya lots.

  2. I'm glad you posted something on your blog- I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. Maybe you had been eaten by a bear or something =) Good luck with the couch hunting, have you heard the story about our free couch Blake found in a dumpster? Yeah, don't do that. Sarah, you are anything but shy? And just so you know, you don't have to talk to the guys at church, you can talk to the girls too! Just go sit by someone and introduce yourself & say that you are new. Ask what they do & go to ward activities if they have any. It's probably better than sitting on your lovely couch trying to watch TV!

  3. okay, even better than Sarah's post is Hilpy's comment about the "Bing-bag". Seriously, Hilary, that makes me totally laugh. I may get laughed at too, if I am wrong, but I think it may be "Bean-bag". :) :) :) that is awesome.

  4. Well I don't know what it is technically called but we all get the hint about the chair. Ya know they are big shaped like a ball filled with soft rubber foam and you can sit on them. And as you can see It was really late when i posted that comment. I even spelled benjamin wrong. What is up with that. Sorry. Bing-bag, bean-bag, what ever they are called. Maybe they are called moose-bags up in alaska./ Ha ha get all your chuckles out.