Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exit Glacier and My Lonely Ride

I finally got out off my butt on my bike! I went to the Turnagain Arm, I think that is what it is called it is just the Seward Highway along the cost. I was feeling really homesick anyway--and Jed is still in Fairbanks! I have been worried about getting out because on a hike a bear could eat me...a moose could stomp on me! Really I didn't really know where I could ride. They have a lot of bike paths but I wanted a good long non-interupted ride. The highway was okay there was traffic but it wasn't too bad. The sad part was I was really lonely, I don't like riding without Mama Beck. It is never the same. Where is she when I need her?!?! I can't wait to ride with her in August! So for you who I forgot to tell I bought my plane ticket and I'm coming back in August to camp and ride the ULCER with Becky! So anyway I had a good ride and it was basically the first ride of the season for me. Now I am a little saddle sore but glad I have somewhere to go! (Besides the grocery store)

Well I mentioned that Jed and I went to Seward last weekend and hiked around a glacier. Here are some pictures from the "Exit Glacier". It looked really pretty and it was really blue. I don't really have much more to say and pictures say more than words ;)


  1. nice video my boys love to watch it. They have already watched it five times. It looks very pretty up there. Now is that a lake that you are riding by or is it by the ocean. I am glad that you do not go hiking by your self. You should never venture out into the wilderness alone anyway. I am glad to hear you say you have not been eaten by a bear or trampled by a moose. love to hear about your adventures about alaska life.

  2. You are so cute. How long will you be here in August. I would love to do lunch again or something. Keep busy and have fun. :)