Monday, June 8, 2009

Just hang in there!

So I had one of those days! When the picture above seems very appropriate.
Well I had a meeting with my boss to review the application to apply for the state certification. One of the requirements is to send a copy of your degree or diploma. When I questioned my boss about this she didn't know I didn't have a degree. I was totally embarrassed then realized I had nothing to be embarrassed about! They were the ones that didn't read my resume! Well, I am pretty sure that I can still get my certification but I just have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it. I need to have letters from my previous employers. I need to have an official college transcript and still I am not sure if I meet all their requirements. That is okay! I'm thinking McDonald's may be a fun change of pace! Also, I will have a quick easy access to my favorite milk shakes. I'm sure everything will work out. I just worry too much.

Afterward, I pretty much lost all motivation and I was really tired. I have planned to go on a bike ride all weekend and when I got home it took hours to convince myself to actually go. I was sitting on my new couch...and just thought of a quote from President Kimball that says something like..."Do something good everyday that you don't want to do." And I really didn't want to go ride! But I was really glad I did! It was so beautiful I went on the same stretch of road called the Turnagain Arm. I just kept going because I felt really good...until I realized I had a really strong tailwind. I turned around into a super bionic head wind! I thought of Maddy and Kenz because they just finished the Little Red and Annette said there was a really strong headwind on one stretch. It was still beautiful. I finally just slowed down and took the extra time to actually enjoy the ride and not just fight with the wind.

I came home today and finished listening to my podcast--which made me laugh really hard...that Kerry Bill and Gina really crack me up! LOL! (that is not supposed to be serious just cracking a joke at myself)

I really miss all your stinkin' guts! Love you all! ~Sarah

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  1. Everything will work out "Don't worry, be Happy".