Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spiritually Strengthened!

When I got home from work I was really tired--unusually tired since I'm monitoring my consumption of Dr. Pepper...It is day three and always the hardest for me to get past. All day I have been telling myself that I was going for a ride again today--NO MATTER WHAT! I got really pumped up for my ride and I was thinking of a road that I was going to ride on that I found yesterday. I changed into my spandex and everything had my water bottles filled then I remembered that Institute was at 7pm. The inner battle began...the angel on the shoulder encouraging the institute, the devil encouraging the cycling (at least in this particular moment...somedays the cycling is the angel and the couch is the devil ;)) Both of them seemed very valid this time and I thought I was going to go for a ride. I started driving and actually made a last minute decision...Spandex and all I arrived at the institute building. I saw my co-worker, Shad, who hooked me up at the Mormon Mansion. So I had someone to sit with. It was over-all a good decision. I didn't go on my planned ride but feel pretty good. I am hoping I receive a wind blessing (winds in my favor) next bike ride. Oh and I found this really cool old mormon-ad that illustrates my decision! 


  1. I like all your ads you've been posting. Very cool. Institute is always a good choice-- maybe it will help you with your work situation too. You never know!

  2. let you be blessed with a tail wind whichever direction you choose. Let it not be your tail making the wind.