Friday, June 26, 2009

Chasing Bore Tides

My roommate and I went out on the Turnagain Arm to chase the Tide. The Bore Tide is the wave that comes in with the tide. The tide comes in so quickly it creates a wave sometime six feet tall. It is a really amazing sight to we ventured out to catch this natural wonder. A few days prior to this I was out there riding the whale statues and I was freezing so this trip I brought my winter coat. It turns out it is a perfect summer jacket here! It was chilly! When we got to our view point we figured we missed it. We stopped to take pictures of the wild flowers that are just blooming, we went up to Girdwood and got some icecream then on our drive back we spotted a small wave. We quickly pulled over with a few other cars to see our first Bore Tide. It wasn't very big but it was like a big wave of water was slowly creeping into the inlet. I have video below I hope it works but it was too hard to capture how amazing it is.

This is my roommate Brook Wyatt. She was awesome and came chasing the tide with me. She is born and raised here in Anchorage but had not seen to Bore Tide until today with me. We were very excited!!

Below is a video of the Bore tide it was absolutely amazing it is so hard to capture in film though. Maybe you should try seeing it on YouTube There are a few good views of the tide!

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  1. Man, the wind in that video sounds cold! I can see why you would need a winter coat.