Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Love You Romeo!

(I'm second from the right in the red pants, Jed is in the middle...Who would've guessed that all of this would happen?)

I first met Jed about six years ago in a UVSC spring mountain biking class. The first time I saw him he was with his friend Wade. Our class met in the entry of the PE building they stood in the very back, I don't think I would have even turned around but Wade kept making loud sarcastic remarks and laughing, I couldn't help but notice them. I really never talked to either of them in the class... Jed was so fast he was always one of the first down the trail, I was inevitably the last to mosey down the trail. After one of our class rides Wade was inviting people to get food, I accepted thinking a big group of us were going...it turned out to be just Jed, Wade and me. I sat right next to Jed at Arby's and it was then...six years ago I developed a little crush on him. I started writing about Jed in my journal in the spring of 2003. I had the biggest crush on him! We went on dates off and on over the years but mostly during that time we became good friends. I always considered Jed one of my best friends. He wrote to me (a few times) while I was on my mission. That is when I started calling him Romeo since he was writing about all the girls he was dating. Jed met most of my ex-boyfriends and was always there when I broke up with them! We would sit in the driveway until all hours in the morning just talking (I was always hoping he would kiss me ;) For a long time Jed called me every Sunday just to talk. He was was always there whenever I needed someone to talk to.

Over the years many of our friends and family questioned why we were not together. Maybe all the persistence paid off! Well....It was well worth the wait!

Jed, I never imagined that I could be so completely in love with my best friend! I don't think I could've imagined anything like this for myself...and I still can't believe how lucky I am! Thank you for being so patient with me!! I love you so much!

My Journal is full of stories of Jed. I was always confessing my love and frustration of Jed "not picking up on my signals" Below are just a few one-liners directly out of my journal!! There are so many I couldn't get them all!
May 6, 2003 " I can't get Jed out of my mind." July 27, 2003 "Jed called me tonight!" August 5, 2003 "I miss Jed! He called me Sunday night and we ended up talking for almost two hours!"
February 1, 2004 " I am in love with Jed, but that doesn't mean I have to start planning our wedding"
February 27, 2004 " Jed broke my heart tonight." (Yep...like five years ago Jed told me he didn't want to date me ;))

March 20, 2004 "I went snowboarding with Jed. I love that we are still friends he is a way cool guy but I still love him to death!"
March 30, 2004 "I still love Jed!"
May 1, 2004 "I went to Moab with Jed!"
October 27, 2004 "Trying to get over Jed has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do."


  1. Oh you guys are so cute. I forgot you first met him in that mountain biking class. That was so long ago and look how far you've come!

  2. I'm glad you never "got over" me. ;-) I love you Sarah with all my heart, forever and ever! Now will you hurry and get out of that office so I can see you?!

  3. you two are very cute and I cannot think of anything better than to be married to your best friend. Good response Jed, you are making points with your future wife.

  4. You are so cute! I love how you have all of your crush one liners in your journal. Your kids will get a big kick out of that. I can see you one day with your own daughter helping her get over a big heartbreak with all of the times her dad wanted to just be friends :)

  5. See...if I wasn't such a smart arse, you would never have met, and fallen in love with, Jed. I knew my personality was good for something. Seriously though, so happy for you both.

  6. Sarah, I am so happy for you. I miss hearing you and Jed having crazy conversations on the phone late at night. I am happy that you are now in the same state.

    When I got the text I screamed. A LOT! I am just so thrilled for you.

  7. Yes! I am so happy for the two of you! The pictures are great. Beautiful couple. It's funny, but timing is it's own thing I guess. I think all of us are happy you two are together! Can't wait to see you.

    Sissa Hall

    p.s. minha irma vai ou Brasil! Ela vai ir ao missao Londrina!