Monday, June 15, 2009

Jed & Sarah's Date at the Anchorage Zoo

Jed took me on a date Friday night to the Anchorage zoo. It was awesome! They didn't have any crazy exotic animals but it was very alaska appropriate. I had so much fun, I love the zoo! It was kind of cold and most of the animals were sleeping but it was a really fun date!
I was trying to get the bears to move...they looked at me once, The Alaskan animals are kind of lazy! I was tempted to go pet one but Jed convinced me to leave them alone ;)

The Black Bears were much MUCH more entertaining! They were in the trees and playing with each other. It was fun to see them interacting with each other, rather than sleeping.

The Camel may be the ugliest thing we saw at the zoo. "Very Wierd"~Jim Gaffigan

This is my very patriotic picture!

I think the polar bear was the most disappointing. I really wanted to see them up and moving around but we stopped by him twice and he didn't even move. We could hardly see if he was breathing.
The Seal was cute, swimming all around. It was one of the few moving...all the other's could've been stuffed for all I know!

This wolf was eyeing a little girl there! The little girl was probably 3 or 4 and she would run along the fence and the wolf would run back and forth with her. It was really cute, yet at the same time I don't think it was a playful gesture, I'm sure the wolf was hungry and thinking she looked appetizing!
This wolverine was so cute! It was stretching and rolling around before it fell back asleep. Reminded me of UVU--GO WOLVERINE'S!
I think this Yak is the ugliest thing we saw at the zoo!
Overall it was a great zoo date! I had so much fun! It was great to spend some time with Jed; we always have a lot of fun together! I love his stinkin' guts!


  1. i am glad that you had fun at the zoo. It is good to hear you are doing so well. Hey funny stuff watch Jim Gaffigan clip on youtube regarding camping. way funny. Love ya hilary

  2. I love the zoo! I've only been the zoo in SLC once, I think. You've inspired me to go very soon! I'm glad you had fun and got to go on a date with Jed.

  3. lookin good, your hair is getting long. I am glad you had fun, and look happy! Love and miss you Heather