Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keeping Myself Busy!

I'm just keeping myself busy these days. It is hard during the week since Jed is in Fairbanks. Also this week we didn't see each other so I have found all sorts of things to do. First the picture above is of the largest cinnamon roll I've ever seen!! Fortunately it was for all the Care Coordination team and not just myself, however I am sure I could've ate the entire thing! It was good but seriously missing the Icing!

The other thing i've been doing is trying to find a way to build my own "Bing-Bag" (bean bag) but the more I got looking into it the little Styrofoam beans are really expensive so I kind of gave up on that idea quickly. However, I have an awesome office mate that was thrilled to hear I needed a couch because they were trying to get rid of an old one! It is even a Hide-A-Bed!
My roommate wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of having a couch...don't ask me why. But then she thought it was a really big couch. The couch is in good condition but I still bought a sofa cover for it and a few throw pillows! and WA-LA My new couch!!!
The other thing I am working on is a quilt. It reminds me a lot of the Patchwork I did with grandma's material. I actually don't really like this one I think it looks kind of goofy and the material doesn't really mesh well but...I'll just do it as a "practice" quilt and it will be my new camping quilt that I don't care too much about. But I am really enjoying it. I am about as good at sewing as I am cooking. I was listening to my favorite pod-cast (which is just something you download onto your Ipod) I was really enjoying listening to it--I was just in my own little world, meanwhile I was making sure my blocks were really straight. I was taking the time to make sure they were REALLY straight...until I realized I hadn't been measuring! I wasted two yard of material! Because my 12x12 squares are now measured at 11x11 or 11x7 just all sorts of random, with no rhymn or reason. Well shoot! I blame Kerry, Bill and Gina and x96 (the podcast) It is kind of fun to put a quilt together.

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  1. I love kerry bill and gina! adn miss them in AK. But as I am in UT I can get x96 at the ready. Anchorage is seriuously lacking in the radio station department, as it is with so many things, I'm afraid. Good luck with the qiult! You will have to teach me how to do it.