Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Zoo

Jed and I had a lot of fun this week when he was here. He took me to the zoo! I am still waiting for the pictures and hopefully Jed can send them soon so I can post them. It was not a very exotic zoo, but it was really fun to see some of the bears. I will give more details when I have pictures!

Meet Champ! He is the dog I'm sitting at Nicole's place. He is a sweet dog! I have a funny story about Champ! (I tried to make it as G-Rated as possible... just a warning) When Jed came to visit this week I started telling him that Champ was the kind of dog that made me want to get a dog because he was so well behaved! Well as I started saying this I had my back turned to Champ and Jed. Jed was just watching Champ as he was lying on his bed, well as I started saying this Jed started laughing and as I turned around Champ was standing over his bed and was totally taking advantage of it, just going crazy on it! Jed just stood there arms folded laughing....I stopped mid-sentence and said never mind. We were both laughing pretty hard. But overall he has been really good--and he hasn't tried to hump my leg! We are having lots of fun. I take him for a walk when I get home and he just kind of hangs out doing his thing--and occasionally seems really bored and really wants my attention. I am sure he is lonely and misses his family! He will be glad when they are back!

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