Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh That's Why

I decided late Thursday night to visit Jed this weekend. I planned to leave right after work Friday and tried to get off early but it seems like something always comes up at the last minute to delay my travels. I was of course anxious to get to Fairbanks and it was beautiful drive, with only a few people on the road. I was driving way too fast and just past the Igloo I came around a corner and a cop was coming the other direction. I obviously slammed on my brakes and had pulled over even before he had turned around.
I had my registration and license out before he got to my window. His first question was what part of Utah are you from? I hesitated, taken off guard by his question I stammered "I'm from Spanish Fork area" he quickly said "Oh Spanish F-aRK" in the voice that people use to make fun of our accent. I just looked at him like how did you know that? He said he was from Salt Lake. We started talking and talked for almost twenty minutes about the area. He talked about buying hogs from the Shepherd's. He knew a few people from that area. Then He asked what brought me up to Alaska so I told him the story of Jed and I and explained how he was in Fairbanks. So then he asked what Ward Jed was in and we tried to figure out where he lived and which ward Jed would be in. The officer was from Healy and his Branch included the town Nenana. So I told him my mission companion lived in Nenana, and told him Sister Verhagan. He got excited and said "Kristi?! Well I just had dinner with her last night!" We talked about her and our mission, how I also was in Sam's (Kristi's brother) MTC district. Well, by this time he handed back my registration and license and said "wow, you were going really fast, but tell Kristi I said Hi when you talk to her." I jokingly replied that I would slow down now that I knew someone would be reporting back to my bishop!" He said "Yeah, I know them all it's a small world up here"

Officer Ryan let me go with out giving me a ticket, even though I was going like twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. After he let me go I was driving away laughing to myself about how lucky I was and thinking that could've been a very expensive ticket...when I had a very strong impression that said that is why you pay your tithing. I felt very grateful. I have been trying to catch up financially since the move and now trying to save as much money as possible to pay for all the upcoming expenses, a ticket would have been very stressful! It was a humbling experience and I felt very humbled that even though I was in the wrong the Lord still blessed me!


  1. It is a good thing you have a pretty smile and that he had nothing else to do except talk to you. Ha ha. just kidding that is really cool that you know so many people in common.

  2. I have gotten too many tickets to friend however has been pulled over for a bazillion things and has never gotten a ticket.hmmm