Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fur Rondy

It was the 75th annual Fur Rendezvous (Fur Rondy) here in Anchorage. It originated from the fur trappers coming together to sell their winter harvests. It's a celebration of the end of a long winter and the coming of spring. It is also the beginning of the Iditarod the 1,161 mile dog sled race from Willow to Nome. ( you all should watch Iron Will in the spirit of the Iditarod). So in celebration I participated in my first Fur Rondy. It was cold and after one day of freezing my toes off, when we went back for Day 2 I was prepared with extra thick layers. There is snow carving contests.
It's just like running with the bulls they let loose a bunch of reindeer and people run next to them...but there were like 1,000 people running, and only 4 or 5 reindeer.
Fur is still a big see it everywhere. I am sure PETA is going crazy but there were no protestors...I'm sure it's pointless.
The Carnival is crazy! There are a bunch of kids fully dressed in their winter attire running around to all the carnival rides and games. They have bright red cheeks and runny noses...I was thinking they were crazy but they were having so much fun. (I think it must be some form of child abuse)

The blanket toss is a tradition with the Native Alaskan's, it's a large piece of leather, or several sewn together. A person stands in the middle and is tossed up and down. The trick is to stay on your feet. The girl above was just sitting being bounced.

The famous out-house race, where people build outhouses on skis then race them. they win a roll of Toilet Paper as a trophey.

The best reindeer was freezing cold though.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well I mentioned last time that Jed gave me a pass to a new yoga studio. I went to my first Bikram class this morning. I was so excited!!
Bikram is a little different than regular yoga. First difference is the room is set at 105 degrees. It makes you sweat like crazy but it also allows your muscles to stay warm and stretch further. Bikram is only 26 Anasas/ sunrise solutes, updogs or down dogs. It's stretching, balancing and strengthening.

For me it was phenomenal! It pushed me to my breaking point, then we continued for 30 minutes. It is very mental because it is so hot, then it is physically draining. For my body size I can burn up to 1,000 calories during that 90 you sweat out all of the water in your body. :)

I left soaking wet in my own sweat and feeling incredible like all the bad stress left my body. It also left me feeling so empowered, I thought if I can last through 90 minutes of hell nothing else today can be that difficult! If any of you get a chance Bikram Yoga is something you should try at least once!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jed and I had an awesome Valentine's Weekend! Friday night Jed took me to the movie Valentine's was perfect and simply wonderful. I smiled through the whole movie. It set a perfect tone for the rest of the weekend making us feel all mushy and "valentine's-ish"

Saturday Jed came home from class with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates! (Good job--Babe!) Then we drove out to Girdwood to the best restraunt in all of Alaska and was named the top 10 in the nation by the travel channel...or magazine or something. This is the place just imagine two feet of snow everywhere. It is a delicious cajun/New Orlean's style restruant. It was an hour drive out to Girdwood then we waited about 90 minutes to get a table. We waited in the tiny (I mean really tiny) hallway next to the wine cellar...with about 10 other peope. We passed the time by playing twenty questions. We had a lot of fun...and when we finally got to order it was INCREDIBLE!! I had crab stuffed halibut with steamed vegetables and jalapeno bread! Jed had the biggest pepper steak ever! It was so good! mouth is watering just thinking about it.

On the actual Valentine's Day we had a nice relaxing Sunday. I gave Jed a pink tie (appropriate for Valentine's day) and a really cute Coodie Catcher decorated like a sweet Valentine...inside had a bunch of 'sweet nothings'. I also made chocolate dipped strawberries (and dinner ;) )
Jed was super sweet he gave me a pass to a new Yoga studio...that practices Bikram Yoga, which is the super hot yoga with the room at 105 degrees! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!! I am going to start going on Saturdays! And I will sweat out all the 'bad' from my body! ;)
Hope you all had a good and Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'll Have a Sprite Please!

On my favorite podcast The Radio From Hell they refer to all non-alcoholic beverages as "sprite please beverages" I always chuckled when they said this but never really had a real life example of this.

I went out for sushi Friday night with some of my co-workers, I had lots of fun but it's always interesting to see the cultural difference between Utah and the rest of the world. My co-workers are the sweetest nicest ladies, they are some of my only friends here in Alaska, so in no way am I criticizing their choices. It is interesting how different Utah is, I only know a few people who drink alcohol and I've only seen them with beer. However, it is not unusual for people to drink alcohol here especially with a group of friends. They all order fancy fruity martini's and then pass them around the table so everyone can get a taste. That is the fun part of going out... drinking. In the beginning I had many questions about why I didn't drink, now they all know me and it doesn't matter. But I always feel a little out of place when the server takes our drink orders everyone goes around saying their 'fun fruity-tini's'. Tonight though, when my turn came to order I simple said "I'll have a sprite please" which I immediately thought of the RFH and understood "Sprite Please Beverage"!

I thought about it today so when Jed and I were out to eat for our date night the "Non-alcoholic beverage menu" caught my eye and one in particular stood out "Virgin Strawberry Shag" Strawberries, lemon and sprite. So I ordered it...but when it arrived it came with a little tiny giraffe on the rim. I looked around at the tables near us and everyone had drinks...much stronger than mine...and no giraffe. Jed said it's because little kids typically are the only ones to order those non-alcoholic drinks...and it comes with a toy like Happy Meals. It made me laugh and I decided I better stick to my "Sprite Please Beverages"The picture looks like there is more in my drink than Sprite....if you know what I mean! ;)