Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well I mentioned last time that Jed gave me a pass to a new yoga studio. I went to my first Bikram class this morning. I was so excited!!
Bikram is a little different than regular yoga. First difference is the room is set at 105 degrees. It makes you sweat like crazy but it also allows your muscles to stay warm and stretch further. Bikram is only 26 Anasas/ sunrise solutes, updogs or down dogs. It's stretching, balancing and strengthening.

For me it was phenomenal! It pushed me to my breaking point, then we continued for 30 minutes. It is very mental because it is so hot, then it is physically draining. For my body size I can burn up to 1,000 calories during that 90 you sweat out all of the water in your body. :)

I left soaking wet in my own sweat and feeling incredible like all the bad stress left my body. It also left me feeling so empowered, I thought if I can last through 90 minutes of hell nothing else today can be that difficult! If any of you get a chance Bikram Yoga is something you should try at least once!


  1. I think I'd pass out...seriously! You go girl!

  2. Holy cow! That sounds incredible! Way to go for toughing it out.

  3. I still think you're insane.

    But, hey, you also sound like you're enjoying yourself (and I'm sure it makes you forget about the cold outside, which is always a plus. :D)

    Keep having fun!

  4. Keep it up. I know why you go, because you miss the heat in utah!!oh so after you get all hot and sweaty do you run out side and jump into the snow to seal up you pors?

  5. I totally would love to try it! It sounds AWESOME! I love sweating that much, you feel like you are ridding all the toxins from your body!