Saturday, August 29, 2009

Familiar Faces & Peaches

Mama Beck's husband, Dan, and her seventeen year old son, Blair, flew into Anchorage Friday. Becky sent a box of peaches for the way they are delicious! Jed and I also went out to dinner with them Friday night. It was great to see some familiar faces in town. Dan invited me to ride with them down to the Kenai Peninsula for them to pick up some propane tanks (the picture above). It was so great, I hadn't seen the Kenai area and it was beautiful. A lot of people go down to that area to fish. The small airport that we stopped at was so beautiful and fun to see the airplanes!

The Kenai River

We drove to the Captain Cook outlook. It was the very end of the road of the Kenai Peninsula. When we got there I saw a couple with binoculars staring out into the ocean, as I walked closer I saw something in the water and I got really excited, because I thought it was a whale! It was just a big rock though...the couple laughed with me and let me borrow their binoculars to ease my mind.

We saw a mama and baby moose. Above was a place on the side of the road that has a bunch of amazing carvings. I got to ride one!
The best part of the drive was when we took a scenic route just after Sterling. Along the way we saw a bunch of people stopped on the side of the road and when we got out to see what everyone was looking at there was about a thousand red salmon going up stream. It was incredible! We could look down the stream and just see an endless number of red salmon struggling up the stream. They would get to this certain section before going under the road in a tunnel...the picture below is the group of the fish then they would go one by one through the tunnel. Amazing! I tried to take a video below but I only had my cellphone because I left my camera battery in UT so it is not the greatest quality! But enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Love AK Today Because...

So a few weeks ago I bought a journal. I thought it might help to write my thoughts out so they didn't get all bottled up inside, causing an emotional break down (I'm not sure how many of those Jed can handle prior to the wedding). I also decided that I need to stay more positive about this whole "Alaskan Adventure" thing...because my circumstances are not changing anytime soon! So I thought that maybe by writing out the the positive things I like about Alaska will help me, because most times I feel like I don't have a big red heart between I...and...Alaska. I am homesick a lot. However, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I love about Alaska.
  1. There are always airplanes in the air, everywhere! Big ones, Super air force jet ones, little beaver planes, floating in the air, silent ones. From my front door I've seen the airforce jets take off like in TOP GUN doing all sorts of twists and turns, it's like a mini air show. I love airplanes! It reminds me of the bright yellow crop duster that used to fly over our house at 7am all summer long. I often see commercial airlines and think of the people on board, where they are going, who they are's just a fun little imagination game for me to keep me occupied during the day. The other part I think is funny is airplanes in Alaska have the right away! So if you are driving and you see a plane coming down the road you better move! I hope that happens someday!
  2. They often have warning announcemnets at my work about the mama & baby moose in the parking lot, and sometimes I can watch them from my office window.
  3. Because I can drive about 5 miles under the speed limit and not get annoyed, inconvienienced or impatient. Life moves at a slightly slower pace and no one is in a hurry to get where they are going. People drive the speed limits...actually most drive under the speed limit.
  4. (Somedays are a stretch...but...) It's illegal for a vessel with rats on it to enter alaskan no Rats! YAY!
  5. I have the opportunity to try things I'd never do in go to a bar! I found out that you need your ID to get into the bar even if you're not drinking. I discovered this out after we walked two blocks in the rain...Jed didn't realize really how naive and sheltered my life has been until now.

There are many more but I really LOVE Alaska today because:

6. THERE ARE NO SNAKES!!! None! They don't live here! YAY!

I will continue to keep track of the reasons why I love Alaska and when I get some good ones I will let you know! Maybe you will all want to move here ;)
Love you all and miss you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Bridal Shower + some!

I love this picture of Brooke and Sandy! Brooke has a little Elvis lip thing going on...she must have heard Sandy talking about getting married by Elvis in Vegas!

I had so much while I was in Utah! I found a dress and it didn't take that long! So it left me more time to spend with some friends! I was able to go shopping with Courtney, Brooke and Sandy! It was so much fun!
My shower was great! Thank you for all of you who helped plan and who came to support me!
We started by playing a game that Courtney the Newly Wed game. She had previously asked Jed a bunch of questions and then I had to answer them to see how well we knew each other. When I got a question wrong I had to chew a gum ball! They were not small gumballs either! I had so many gumballs it was gross, I am sure it was awful for everyone watching also!
Aunt Vicki she is sooo sweet and always has been! I Love her!
Jed's Aunt Dot and Jenny and His mom Myrna!
My awesome bridesmaids! Again! They are beautiful!

Another game was they divided into groups and had to create a wedding dress! then they modeled them for us, and I got to choose my favorite. Which was Maddy and her 80's style gown. She is the 2nd from the right! Second place was Kambria Lori's baby...she was sooo adorable!
Another totally awesome game was "Pin the Hose on the Fireman"--Need I say more?

Rio De Janeiro Norte Mission Reunion! (still catching up)

I served from December 2004-July 2006 in the Rio De Janeiro North mission! My mission president from Brazil was visiting UT for his son's wedding, so everyone got together for a reunion. I just happened to be in town and was lucky to be there! It was really great to be with those I served with and to again here the counsel of my mission president. My mission president has been just as influential to my personal testimony as my own parents!
President Quatel has always had a strong spiritual presence and it was so great to see him
Sister Joanne Richey Davis! My mission Mom! She was my trainer and she was so great! I got along so well with her and we had so much fun. I remember the first night we went out to one of the most rural parts of my mission walking through the dusty roads at was so surreal! I will never forget that night. I didn't understand anything they were saying and I was really distracted by the geckos running on the walls. It was great!
These were some of the sisters I served with throughout my mission! They are so wonderful! It is impossible to explain the bond and memories you share with those you serve with! It was so great to see them!

Just catching up!

On my trip to Utah Heath and I went on a short hike/walk...actually we drove most of the way then walked on the 4-wheeler trail to get a better view (...and I was in flip flops). Utah is beautiful in it's own dry way.
Can you see the baby Horny Toad? They were all over the place! but it blends in really well you don't see him until you almost step on him and he scurries away.
Same picture just cropped down. He is right in the middle of the picture.

Heath and I on our little hike! It was fun to get sometime with by favorite brother! He and I are good friends and I really miss having someone to go to the movies with! Or just getting a Coke and going on a drive.
My nieces and nephews were staying at my mom's place and we had tons of fun! I really love hanging out with them! We had all sorts of fun, playing tag, red-rover, red-rover (which is always dangerous)
Sid getting up close and personal!
This is us tormenting Wib and trying to get a "happy...'look like you love each other' picture"

I think the best was rocking out on Rock Band with the kids! They really kicked butt!
"Okay kids! Look like you love each other!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stay tuned!

Sorry I haven't kept up my blog. It has been kind of a crazy week. I haven't really felt that great all week, in fact today I had to leave work because I was feeling so sick. I hope I feel better tomorrow! I am planning on going to Fairbanks to see Jed but we will see if I am still puking or not.

Keep in touch I will be posting more things soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Home sweet home! I am glad to be home! I love Utah! It is great to eat out of my parents garden and to see all the acres of corn everywhere! It is really fun to see all my family and friends. Now the real planning begins!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Coming Home

Tomorrow I leave to come back to Utah. My flight leaves at 1:30am and I will arrive in Utah Wednesday morning around 10-ish! I am so excited to be back in Utah. I am excited for the hot weather! I have a million things that I have planned while I am there.

My Trip Agenda:
Wednesday: Bike ride with Mama Beck to see if her bike will fit me...and some last minute training. After maybe a movie with Heath or something.
Thursday: Dentist Appointment, Dress shopping, and Mission Reunion with my President from Brazil!
Friday: Dress Shopping, Dress shopping, maybe lunch with Jed's mom...maybe...Dress shopping, get my rental bike from Mad Dogs and my Bridal Shower.
Saturday: The ULCER, 112 mile bike ride with Mama Beck and Annette! YAY! (the original reason why I am going to be in Utah! YAY again!)
Sunday: Church, visiting old friends, sleep and treat my sore muscles and sunburns!
Monday: Dentist (if needed...I hope not!) another Doctors appointment at noon. (just taking advantage of my parents insurance while I can!) More Dress shopping, (hopefully I will find something the first day and won't have to worry about it) wedding planning, invitations, anything that needs to be done with wedding stuff! Dinner with friends!
Tuesday: I want to go swimming(optional) !! (or lunch with Jed's mom if Friday doesn't work) Swing by Danville and say Hi to my old friends!
Wednesday: Flying home at 5pm! I am soooo excited I will see you all soon!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sarah Palin

I left work early Friday to drive to Fairbanks, as usual I was listening to my favorite podcast from Utah and they had a little excerpt from Sarah Palin's final speech which she gave earlier this week in Fairbanks. (I have the link below from the Conan O'Brien show) But I heard this on the radio and I, like the majority of the people in the country, thought What in the world is she talking about? But then I started to realize that only the "Sourdoughs" (English Translation: People who have lived in Alaska for a number of years) could understand her speech. She was talking in "Alaskan". I have only been here for three months so I am still considers a Cheechakos (English Translation: A newcomer)! When I first heard this I laughed really hard and was so confused but When I figured out what she was saying--- it kind of made sense! (Kind of) It is still funny to listen to. I still aspire to get my picture with her someday! Sarah Palin 2012!