Saturday, August 29, 2009

Familiar Faces & Peaches

Mama Beck's husband, Dan, and her seventeen year old son, Blair, flew into Anchorage Friday. Becky sent a box of peaches for the way they are delicious! Jed and I also went out to dinner with them Friday night. It was great to see some familiar faces in town. Dan invited me to ride with them down to the Kenai Peninsula for them to pick up some propane tanks (the picture above). It was so great, I hadn't seen the Kenai area and it was beautiful. A lot of people go down to that area to fish. The small airport that we stopped at was so beautiful and fun to see the airplanes!

The Kenai River

We drove to the Captain Cook outlook. It was the very end of the road of the Kenai Peninsula. When we got there I saw a couple with binoculars staring out into the ocean, as I walked closer I saw something in the water and I got really excited, because I thought it was a whale! It was just a big rock though...the couple laughed with me and let me borrow their binoculars to ease my mind.

We saw a mama and baby moose. Above was a place on the side of the road that has a bunch of amazing carvings. I got to ride one!
The best part of the drive was when we took a scenic route just after Sterling. Along the way we saw a bunch of people stopped on the side of the road and when we got out to see what everyone was looking at there was about a thousand red salmon going up stream. It was incredible! We could look down the stream and just see an endless number of red salmon struggling up the stream. They would get to this certain section before going under the road in a tunnel...the picture below is the group of the fish then they would go one by one through the tunnel. Amazing! I tried to take a video below but I only had my cellphone because I left my camera battery in UT so it is not the greatest quality! But enjoy!


  1. That is so awesome! Alaska sure is beautiful! Love the carved fish by the way.

  2. Im so jealous! One day we will get to go there!

  3. that is so cool. i am glad you are finding more things you enjoy about alaska. It is great you will be able to find all the cool places to go before we go all the way up there..

  4. SO so cool! I am completely jealous you live in Alaska! I need to make a trip up there someday and stay for a couple months!

  5. Love familiar faces! Glad you had fun at Nicole's house!