Friday, August 21, 2009

Just catching up!

On my trip to Utah Heath and I went on a short hike/walk...actually we drove most of the way then walked on the 4-wheeler trail to get a better view (...and I was in flip flops). Utah is beautiful in it's own dry way.
Can you see the baby Horny Toad? They were all over the place! but it blends in really well you don't see him until you almost step on him and he scurries away.
Same picture just cropped down. He is right in the middle of the picture.

Heath and I on our little hike! It was fun to get sometime with by favorite brother! He and I are good friends and I really miss having someone to go to the movies with! Or just getting a Coke and going on a drive.
My nieces and nephews were staying at my mom's place and we had tons of fun! I really love hanging out with them! We had all sorts of fun, playing tag, red-rover, red-rover (which is always dangerous)
Sid getting up close and personal!
This is us tormenting Wib and trying to get a "happy...'look like you love each other' picture"

I think the best was rocking out on Rock Band with the kids! They really kicked butt!
"Okay kids! Look like you love each other!"

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