Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Coming Home

Tomorrow I leave to come back to Utah. My flight leaves at 1:30am and I will arrive in Utah Wednesday morning around 10-ish! I am so excited to be back in Utah. I am excited for the hot weather! I have a million things that I have planned while I am there.

My Trip Agenda:
Wednesday: Bike ride with Mama Beck to see if her bike will fit me...and some last minute training. After maybe a movie with Heath or something.
Thursday: Dentist Appointment, Dress shopping, and Mission Reunion with my President from Brazil!
Friday: Dress Shopping, Dress shopping, maybe lunch with Jed's mom...maybe...Dress shopping, get my rental bike from Mad Dogs and my Bridal Shower.
Saturday: The ULCER, 112 mile bike ride with Mama Beck and Annette! YAY! (the original reason why I am going to be in Utah! YAY again!)
Sunday: Church, visiting old friends, sleep and treat my sore muscles and sunburns!
Monday: Dentist (if needed...I hope not!) another Doctors appointment at noon. (just taking advantage of my parents insurance while I can!) More Dress shopping, (hopefully I will find something the first day and won't have to worry about it) wedding planning, invitations, anything that needs to be done with wedding stuff! Dinner with friends!
Tuesday: I want to go swimming(optional) !! (or lunch with Jed's mom if Friday doesn't work) Swing by Danville and say Hi to my old friends!
Wednesday: Flying home at 5pm! I am soooo excited I will see you all soon!


  1. Oh i hope that you get everything done that you planned to do.. I hope that you will be able to find a dress the first day. Hey if you wanna go swimming on tuesday me and the boys will go with you.. see ya wendsay.

  2. I can't WAIT to see you at the reunion!! Good luck dress shopping and on your race!

  3. I can't wait to see you! Let me know If you need to help with anything Thursday or Friday. Those are the only days I'll be in town =( But I'd love to help if you need me.

  4. HAVE FUN!!! ride fast. play hard. sounds like you'll get that covered!~