Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it SNOW , Let it Snow!!!

It's snowed like crazy this weekend and the roads were really really an ice skating rinks. It kind of put a damper on the Black Friday Shopping. We were really excited for the snow, we dusted off our snow shoes and packed all our winter gear up to go on a little walk/hike...But first I needed a pair of snow boots. We thought we could just make a quick stop pick up a pair of boots and be on our way, but we went to almost every store in town that sold boot, including the mall and couldn't find a decent pair for under $100. We thought we'd even settle for a cheap pair but they didn't have my size. So, we ended up wasting all our day light (which is not very much these days) we had a fun day shopping. We ended by going to dinner at the local's favorite bar Humpy' has the best Halibut and Chips! If you have ever seen the TV show Man Vs Food...he's done a show at Humpy's. All of you who come visit me in AK need to eat at Humpy's it's soooo good!
We took advantage of the Black Friday Sales and we bought a new digital SLR camera...we were excited to find such a great deal and to be able to use the last of our gift cards. We love getting married! Too bad we can't do it every year!
We put up a few decorations...just a few lights and a small garland.

Jed & I just playing with our new camera

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh my Heck UAA! Are you kidding me?!

So UAA is kinda stupid...I could write an entire blog about how stupid UAA is and I could complain a whole bunch but...okay I guess I will. I think it will help me feel better to vent all my frustrations!

1) I applied in March to UAA. I was thinking I'd surprise Jed. This was before I committed to moving to AK (I wanted to have some secure options before I made a decision). By the end of June I was nervous because I hadn't heard anything. I called them, they said they couldn't find my transcripts. I resent them...and this time requested a personal copy. By August I still hadn't heard anything, after almost 45 min on the phone they finally found the transcript that was "miss filed". By the end of August I finally received my acceptance letter.

2) It takes 2 years to be a resident, meaning to pay resident tuition (don't worry it won't effect my Permanent Fund Dividend). Non-resident is like $5,000 a semester!

3) I finally found another option WUE (the Western State Undergraduate Exchange program) it allows you to pay 150% of resident tuition...but by entering into this program you can never qualify for residency (at least through the University) so if I am in school longer than 2 years...I'm stuck paying the extra tuition money.

4) I met with my advisor today. They don't accept most of my credits. Especially all of my Portuguese credits because they don't teach Portuguese. So they won't even accept them as "language" credits, just as electives. That means I now have to take Spanish...or Chinese...or two classes of a language, for a total of 6 credits.

One positive thing is they accept my math credit that even UVU wouldn't accept...and they are not making me take College Algebra...just statistics! YAY! I also found out that I can petition a lot of my credits...if so that will speed things up.

So when I was really frustrated with UAA but when it comes down to it things will work out with the petition I'll have approximately two years, or 4 semesters left. I sure hope things work out!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Spectacular Weekend

Friday we feed the missionaries dinner. They were really great! Jed cooked dinner because he didn't have to work. It was really good. The same thing he made me for my birthday a sesame chicken. Later that night we went to see the stupidest movie ever!
The next day, Saturday, I had a YW breakfast activity. Then I went with my boss to craft fair! It was really great! It made me think of home, I saw regular knitted mittens for $95. I am thinking about learning how to knit! ;) After that I made Jed go with me to the Sparkly Vampire movie!
We waited in line for an hour with a theater full of anxious teenage girls. It was totally worth it, I loved it! It was way better than the first movie and A Bizzillion times better than the movie we saw Friday night! Jed said the movie wasn't that bad, it would have been better if there were not a theater full of young girls squeeling and giggling during every scene! I still liked it!
Sunday we cooked a thanksgiving meal.
It was really delicious! I tried to make gravy and did somewhat okay except it was a little thick I felt like we had to chewy it a little, just kidding it was not that bad.
After dinner we went on a walk, we saw a dog running down the road (which is a very busy road) so we grabbed him and called his owner, we waited by the McDonald's out in the cold until the owner came. She lived clear a cross the lake behind our house, but now that it is frozen the dog ran clear across it!
We had a really good weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009


So it has started to get really cold! Today has been tolerable, it's about 11 degrees. Earlier this week it has been -7 degrees...that was a really really cold day! So I'm getting ready for the negative degree weather. I have the essentials now: a big huge puffy coat...good for up to -40 degrees. It's not red though it green. I just got a pair of knock off Uggs! They are Bear Paws. They are still made with sheep skin and they are super warm. Yesterday I thought I could try to go without wearing them and my feet were cold the entire day! It's official I am going to wear them all winter! (Everyday!)

I have been using one of Jed's wool beanies similar to the picture below.

And we finally got studded tires for my car. They have these little spikes in the tires to create more traction on the ice. It makes a huge difference! I also have a spare key to my car so I can start it and let it warm up with out having to sit in my car, in negative temperatures and slowly let it warm up...that is after work...on my way home....when it's 0 (ZERO) degrees outside...and 5pm! Yeah. Alaska is cold! And people are crazy for living here!

I am set to go for the winter! All I need now is one of those auto starters, so I don't even have to leave my office to start my car. It's a very popular device that my co-workers!

Monday, November 9, 2009

In the Dark of Night!

The sun is setting earlier everyday! This afternoon there was a beautiful sunset...I took a picture through my office window (you can see the window screen in the picture sorry). This was taken around 3:30pm. You may also notice there is snow on the ground! It snowed for the first time last night...Yay for snow! It is really wierd to adjust to it getting so dark. I have been doing what I can to stay busy though. I've set some goals for myself to maintain my healthy happy attitude and try to avoid the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). My first goal is to stop drinking all carbonated beverages...even Dr.Pepper :( This is also because i've gained some weight and I don't like that so much. So, I stopped with the Dr. Pepper! I've also commited to going to the gym 3x a week! However, I have to have an excentive--something to look forward to and keep me going even when it is all going down the hole! I know I'll give up if I didn't have something to look forward to. So I set a three week goal, and if I am diligent to my goals I can get my reward. What is my reward you ask?

Well, Jed agreed to go see the New Moon with me on the opening, or the following day! I'm very excited! I'm going to make it and beat the DARKNESS! ARGGH! (that's an angery pirate/like voice because I just looked out the window and it is a few minutes to five and completely dark...booooooo!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday and other gifts!

Today is my birthday! Jed made dinner for me! It was super good sesame chicken, with brown rice and broccoli. I made a cake! It has been a really good day!
Jed gave me a new iPod shuffle, perfect for the gym! It is tiny and pink! Lately, it feels like Christmas around here! With our wedding we've received so many gifts, and continue to use our gift cards and cash to buy more things. We've been really excited about the things we have received and humbled to know how much people have supported us and our marriage. Here's a few fun things we've received...and many more I won't have room/time to mention.
Jed and I bought this Kitchen-Aid with our Target gift cards. We found it on a super sale because it was a special edition for Breast it was pink. Apparently, not a popular color because we got it for way more than a hundred dollars cheaper than the other sold color "normal" looking ones! Good Find!
We also bought a new TV and Blu-Ray player!

And MY favorite! The Snuggies! We laughed so hard about them but they are actually very functional! I love this picture of Jed in the Snuggie...he looks like a Jedi Warrior or a Wizard
When we got home from our honeymoon we had several packages, and that week continues to receive some everyday until our whole living room was full of felt just like Christmas!

Halloween Catch up!

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween. We had lots of fun carving pumpkins, going Trunk or Treating and watching an incredibly scary movie! I developed a huge phobia of men from Australia! The movie was crazy! Jed dressed up like a scarecrow, and me as June Cleaver. We had fun!

I carved two faces in my pumpkin, i followed a pattern on one then made a happy looking face on the otherside. Just for fun!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What else do you want?!?!?

What does it take to get a drivers license in Alaska?! My Utah driver's license is going to expire on my birthday. So I figured I'd just wait and renew it when I could change my name. Well that is turning out to be way more complicated than I thought. First, I had to get my name officially changed through the social security office. They gave me a paper saying I had changed my name so I went straight to the DMV but the paper they gave me was not an "official Verification". I went back to the Social Security office, got the paper work...which is awesome! (slightly sarcastic) Because I had to go through the security, long lines, metal detectors, and wait forever. I went back to the DMV, waited in a long line which sent me to another long line, then back to the original long line...all to find out that they wouldn't let me take the Driver's test because I didn't have Proof of Residency. Which they told me had to be something mailed to me with my new name on it. I have a PO box, and no documents they would accept. It was very very frustrating! So today, I went with Jed to get my name on his Bank account that has a "physical address", they printed temporary checks, with my name and address. It was all a big mess! Then I went back to the DMV thinking I'd finally got it all figured out.
I swear it would be easier to give a DNA sample! At first they had concerns about my marriage license, because they said it was a "copy" I about freaked out, (more like started crying) I didn't have a "copy" of my marriage license, I had what the county sent to me a notarized, signed copy!! Well then I had to take the written test...and after all of that, guess what?! Yep! I failed the test! and I have to do it all again tomorrow! (only I get to drive clear to Eagle River, because they are the only ones open! YAY!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My New Calling!

Jed and I went to church last Sunday and I had a calling by Tuesday. I am the new Beehive Advisor, that is working with the young women ages 12-14. I'm excited for the responsibility and it gives me something to do every Tuesday night...except tomorrow night we are doing yard work...outside! In the Dark! It will be interesting!