Friday, November 6, 2009

What else do you want?!?!?

What does it take to get a drivers license in Alaska?! My Utah driver's license is going to expire on my birthday. So I figured I'd just wait and renew it when I could change my name. Well that is turning out to be way more complicated than I thought. First, I had to get my name officially changed through the social security office. They gave me a paper saying I had changed my name so I went straight to the DMV but the paper they gave me was not an "official Verification". I went back to the Social Security office, got the paper work...which is awesome! (slightly sarcastic) Because I had to go through the security, long lines, metal detectors, and wait forever. I went back to the DMV, waited in a long line which sent me to another long line, then back to the original long line...all to find out that they wouldn't let me take the Driver's test because I didn't have Proof of Residency. Which they told me had to be something mailed to me with my new name on it. I have a PO box, and no documents they would accept. It was very very frustrating! So today, I went with Jed to get my name on his Bank account that has a "physical address", they printed temporary checks, with my name and address. It was all a big mess! Then I went back to the DMV thinking I'd finally got it all figured out.
I swear it would be easier to give a DNA sample! At first they had concerns about my marriage license, because they said it was a "copy" I about freaked out, (more like started crying) I didn't have a "copy" of my marriage license, I had what the county sent to me a notarized, signed copy!! Well then I had to take the written test...and after all of that, guess what?! Yep! I failed the test! and I have to do it all again tomorrow! (only I get to drive clear to Eagle River, because they are the only ones open! YAY!


  1. Sorry what a bumber. just tell them that you have a major learning disability and you need jed to help you read it. may be between the two of you, you can pass. that is what shane's cousin did. I remember doing something similar to that when i changed my name on my Drivers licence. GOOD LUCK HOPE YOU PASS!

  2. that sucks! I feel for you. I hate waiting in long lines. Hopefully you will get all figured out tomorrow and be done with it!

  3. I hope you get a new drivers licence with your new name on it.