Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh my Heck UAA! Are you kidding me?!

So UAA is kinda stupid...I could write an entire blog about how stupid UAA is and I could complain a whole bunch but...okay I guess I will. I think it will help me feel better to vent all my frustrations!

1) I applied in March to UAA. I was thinking I'd surprise Jed. This was before I committed to moving to AK (I wanted to have some secure options before I made a decision). By the end of June I was nervous because I hadn't heard anything. I called them, they said they couldn't find my transcripts. I resent them...and this time requested a personal copy. By August I still hadn't heard anything, after almost 45 min on the phone they finally found the transcript that was "miss filed". By the end of August I finally received my acceptance letter.

2) It takes 2 years to be a resident, meaning to pay resident tuition (don't worry it won't effect my Permanent Fund Dividend). Non-resident is like $5,000 a semester!

3) I finally found another option WUE (the Western State Undergraduate Exchange program) it allows you to pay 150% of resident tuition...but by entering into this program you can never qualify for residency (at least through the University) so if I am in school longer than 2 years...I'm stuck paying the extra tuition money.

4) I met with my advisor today. They don't accept most of my credits. Especially all of my Portuguese credits because they don't teach Portuguese. So they won't even accept them as "language" credits, just as electives. That means I now have to take Spanish...or Chinese...or two classes of a language, for a total of 6 credits.

One positive thing is they accept my math credit that even UVU wouldn't accept...and they are not making me take College Algebra...just statistics! YAY! I also found out that I can petition a lot of my credits...if so that will speed things up.

So when I was really frustrated with UAA but when it comes down to it things will work out with the petition I'll have approximately two years, or 4 semesters left. I sure hope things work out!


  1. That really stinks. I hope things work out for you. You'll be so happy when you have your degree!

  2. Isn't this the college that Bella from twilight said she was going to go to as a ruse after she turned into a vampire?!