Friday, November 20, 2009


So it has started to get really cold! Today has been tolerable, it's about 11 degrees. Earlier this week it has been -7 degrees...that was a really really cold day! So I'm getting ready for the negative degree weather. I have the essentials now: a big huge puffy coat...good for up to -40 degrees. It's not red though it green. I just got a pair of knock off Uggs! They are Bear Paws. They are still made with sheep skin and they are super warm. Yesterday I thought I could try to go without wearing them and my feet were cold the entire day! It's official I am going to wear them all winter! (Everyday!)

I have been using one of Jed's wool beanies similar to the picture below.

And we finally got studded tires for my car. They have these little spikes in the tires to create more traction on the ice. It makes a huge difference! I also have a spare key to my car so I can start it and let it warm up with out having to sit in my car, in negative temperatures and slowly let it warm up...that is after work...on my way home....when it's 0 (ZERO) degrees outside...and 5pm! Yeah. Alaska is cold! And people are crazy for living here!

I am set to go for the winter! All I need now is one of those auto starters, so I don't even have to leave my office to start my car. It's a very popular device that my co-workers!


  1. An auto starter would be sweet! I can't believe how cold it is. Yes, people are crazy for living there!

  2. I laughed when I first saw signs for deals on auto starts at the car accessory stores. Seriously, I thought. Are people that lazy? No. They are that smart.