Monday, November 2, 2009

My New Calling!

Jed and I went to church last Sunday and I had a calling by Tuesday. I am the new Beehive Advisor, that is working with the young women ages 12-14. I'm excited for the responsibility and it gives me something to do every Tuesday night...except tomorrow night we are doing yard work...outside! In the Dark! It will be interesting!


  1. maybe it will be intresting to see the results of creative young women. I am sure they may have some kind of lights. you will be a great advisor Sarah you can really relate to them.
    from mom

  2. You will be so great working with the YW! They will love you!

  3. that is soooo cool!! i know the yw will have a great time with you, your so much fun anyway!
    we've done yard work before, but it wasn't in the dark. at least you won't get too hot!
    have fun!!!!(angell)

  4. Congradulations. They didn't waiste anytime on letting you slip through without a calling did they. That will be fun for you and the kids. Hopefully they won't be rotten like our older sisters were to their YW leaders. Annette and stacy stole marie johnsons car and drove it or something like that. they were little stinkers. At camp we dumped a bucket of cold water on Audry talley's head just after she got out of the shower. i guess we were mean too.

  5. have fun! and count to 10 after every question you ask in class. Girls are slow to answer. You will be so good!