Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Spectacular Weekend

Friday we feed the missionaries dinner. They were really great! Jed cooked dinner because he didn't have to work. It was really good. The same thing he made me for my birthday a sesame chicken. Later that night we went to see the stupidest movie ever!
The next day, Saturday, I had a YW breakfast activity. Then I went with my boss to craft fair! It was really great! It made me think of home, I saw regular knitted mittens for $95. I am thinking about learning how to knit! ;) After that I made Jed go with me to the Sparkly Vampire movie!
We waited in line for an hour with a theater full of anxious teenage girls. It was totally worth it, I loved it! It was way better than the first movie and A Bizzillion times better than the movie we saw Friday night! Jed said the movie wasn't that bad, it would have been better if there were not a theater full of young girls squeeling and giggling during every scene! I still liked it!
Sunday we cooked a thanksgiving meal.
It was really delicious! I tried to make gravy and did somewhat okay except it was a little thick I felt like we had to chewy it a little, just kidding it was not that bad.
After dinner we went on a walk, we saw a dog running down the road (which is a very busy road) so we grabbed him and called his owner, we waited by the McDonald's out in the cold until the owner came. She lived clear a cross the lake behind our house, but now that it is frozen the dog ran clear across it!
We had a really good weekend!


  1. I LOVED, LOVED New Moon. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better that Twilight. After the first 5 minutes I was like "oh this is tons better already. Did you go to a craft fair with Nicole too? How was that? I love that you cooked a little Thanksgiving dinner. After 6 years of marriage I've managed to avoid that still!

  2. Sarah has managed to avoid it too, so far. ;)

  3. The dog must be crazy to run away from home when it is so cold!