Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How do I get organized?

Since Elliot birth I haven't been able to get back into a good routine....I am so disorganized. I definitely don't have a house of order!! I feel like I'm drowning in all my mess. My home is a crazy disaster. My work is out of control and I'm falling behind on deadlines. I just can't figure out what's off and how to fix it.

When I do...I will blog about:

Elliot rolling over.

Our hike to flat top in the snow.

Jed going to night shifts, and me being left alone with Elliot for 4 days.

Our train ride with Heath from Talkeetna.

Me being released from young women's then being called again to the same calling.

Elliot's dairy allergy and my interesting food choices lately.

The 4.8 earthquake we had this morning.

Maybe I'll get to it, maybe not. But if you have tips of how to organize my life let me know.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where'd my mojo go?

 Wow...I haven't been on the blogger site for a long time everything is different. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out how to update my blog. I think I finally got it...the one thing I can't find is my saved blog entries to edit before publishing.

I feel like I have lost my blogging mojo...I apologize. I used to think in blog mode, everything I did I imagined a blog entry but lately I haven't thought a lot about it. I am lucky I have been taking pictures...and that is only because I take pictures with my phone and luckily they turn out okay.

So here is a quick update (or not so quick):

We just discovered Elliot has a dairy allergy. I think I have known this for a while because my sister told me my niece had a similar rash, but I just wanted to believe the doctor that it was just cradle cap. We have been putting on the cream the doctor gave us everyday and still his head was really itchy and inflamed. Someone told me that straight olive oil was good for cradle cap so I tested it worked great for the cradle cap, but then it seemed to enhance the eczema on his forehead and sideburns. So I decided to test it out and I drank a couple glasses of milk. That is when his eczema broke out in his creases. I had our friend who is a dietician look at it and she confirmed my fears that it is infact a dairy allergy. Now I am on day two of no dairy, no soy diet. We will test it out for 3-4 weeks and hopefully he does better. He seems to be okay, it's mostly a skin rash but it is itchy and uncomfortable. Hopefully he will grow out of it.
The pictures are not very clear but above show his little eczema rashes in his knee pits. 

So here is what is new with Elliot:
  •  He started some oatmeal cereal and he loves it! He gets so excited when he sees the cup and spoon. 
  • He is very happy and smiley with everyone, but gets bored easily and wants someone to be constantly in his face entertaining him.
  • He loves to be outside and going for walking, but doesn't like it if you stop moving...anywhere, even in the car he doesn't like to be stopped at a stop light.
  • He is really close to rolling over, but he just won't commit to it. He's done it a few times but just hasn't quite figured it out. Right now, he's closer to roll from his back to his stomach.
  • He loves bath time, and has figured out how to splash his foot!

  • Elliot's preferred toys are a crinkly book and empty cups. He gets really excited with anything that crinkles.
  • He's gotten really good at grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth.
  • He is getting really strong and likes to be standing up rather than sitting or laying down.  

New with Jed & I:

  • I am now on a non-dairy, non-soy diet. It took me two days to figure out what I can eat. I had no idea that I ate so much cheese! So now I am craving foods that I don't really want, but just because I know I can't have them I WANT THEM SO BAD! 
  • Jed is getting ready to go to Fairbanks for a week so he can train the new guy. He will be here this summer...yay, we will finally be in the same city for a summer, but he is switching to nights this week. Elliot & I are planning to do a lot of outside activities and hiking a lot while he sleeps. 
  • Both Jed & I have been swamped at work! It is a crazy busy time and we are exhausted...I wish I could have a vacation....I am looking forward to memorial day. Except Jed will be sleeping!