Thursday, August 6, 2009


Home sweet home! I am glad to be home! I love Utah! It is great to eat out of my parents garden and to see all the acres of corn everywhere! It is really fun to see all my family and friends. Now the real planning begins!


  1. We are very glad to have you home for a few days. and there is nothing better than how benjamin feels around 8 o'clock at night when it starts to cool down and the crickets are juts starting to chirp.. I wish mom and dad still had their tramp so we could have a sleep over on it..JK..

  2. I'm so glad you came home because it was SOOOO good to see you last night. You look FABULOUS! Love you tons! Sorry I missed your shower tonight. Wish I could have been in two places at once. Anyway, have fun!

  3. We totally drove by your house a couple weeks ago when we were out having our Sonic slushy and a companionship inventory. I obviously thought of you.