Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Love AK Today Because...

So a few weeks ago I bought a journal. I thought it might help to write my thoughts out so they didn't get all bottled up inside, causing an emotional break down (I'm not sure how many of those Jed can handle prior to the wedding). I also decided that I need to stay more positive about this whole "Alaskan Adventure" thing...because my circumstances are not changing anytime soon! So I thought that maybe by writing out the the positive things I like about Alaska will help me, because most times I feel like I don't have a big red heart between I...and...Alaska. I am homesick a lot. However, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I love about Alaska.
  1. There are always airplanes in the air, everywhere! Big ones, Super air force jet ones, little beaver planes, floating in the air, silent ones. From my front door I've seen the airforce jets take off like in TOP GUN doing all sorts of twists and turns, it's like a mini air show. I love airplanes! It reminds me of the bright yellow crop duster that used to fly over our house at 7am all summer long. I often see commercial airlines and think of the people on board, where they are going, who they are visiting...it's just a fun little imagination game for me to keep me occupied during the day. The other part I think is funny is airplanes in Alaska have the right away! So if you are driving and you see a plane coming down the road you better move! I hope that happens someday!
  2. They often have warning announcemnets at my work about the mama & baby moose in the parking lot, and sometimes I can watch them from my office window.
  3. Because I can drive about 5 miles under the speed limit and not get annoyed, inconvienienced or impatient. Life moves at a slightly slower pace and no one is in a hurry to get where they are going. People drive the speed limits...actually most drive under the speed limit.
  4. (Somedays are a stretch...but...) It's illegal for a vessel with rats on it to enter alaskan waters...so no Rats! YAY!
  5. I have the opportunity to try things I'd never do in Utah...like go to a bar! I found out that you need your ID to get into the bar even if you're not drinking. I discovered this out after we walked two blocks in the rain...Jed didn't realize really how naive and sheltered my life has been until now.

There are many more but I really LOVE Alaska today because:

6. THERE ARE NO SNAKES!!! None! They don't live here! YAY!

I will continue to keep track of the reasons why I love Alaska and when I get some good ones I will let you know! Maybe you will all want to move here ;)
Love you all and miss you!


  1. Way to be positive! You'll soon find that it's your home away from home. If you could do it in Brazil, you can do it in Alaska! Love ya babe!!

  2. so when you mean no rats are there no mice. if so i might convince shane to move there.. and yes sarah you do need a id to get into a bar even if you are the DD (Designated driver)just in case you didn't know that. also if you ask for a drink at a place serving alchol like a strawberry daqarie always say a virgin one or shirley temple because the bar tender will put alchol in there and you will get all liquored up. so keep being positive remeber you are seeing and doing things in your life that most people only dream of and will never have the opportunity to do them.. oh and isn't that great at the bar that they didn't think you were 21... you do look young... i wouldn't have let you in either without ID>>

  3. Let's both work on Courtney! I told JaDee if he could get my sister here I would stay. There are also no poisonous spiders. So basically anything that will kill you will be running at you head on...No surprises!

  4. Awesome! I love all the good things about AK, especially no snakes. If only the weather was a wee warmer, I'd be there!

  5. So are you going to be staying in Alaska permanently?