Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Millions of Peaches!

Becky sent me a whole bunch of peaches! More than I know what to do with! So Yesterday was my peach day! I cut a bunch up and froze them, and then I thought I could make jam! It feels like a ton of work to make jam...at least it was for me because I was so worried I would mess it up. My mom and sister Nicky helped me understand the directions. It is a process and by the time I washed, pealed and mashed all the peaches it took about two hours...and all I got from it was....

These three beautiful pints of jam.
I was expecting at least five, maybe six, but that was it! I will just have to ration the jam. Actually even after freezing, jamming, giving away...making a peach coffee cake and a peach cobbler---I STILL have some left. I would give more away but they are really rip and soft....and lots of fruit flies are around (you know those little tiny ones that just hang around). So if I have time I will make a few more jars of jam, maybe I can do it faster with Jed around. But I have had so much fun with the peaches! I felt like Betty Crocker!


  1. Yum! Jed is in good hands if you keep yummy treats like those coming!

  2. Hey, just found your blog. Those pictures look TASTY and I fully support/endorse homemade peach jam--it's some of the best stuff in the world. Jed is a lucky man. ;)

  3. see sarah you do have tallents that you didn't think you had. i remember when you moved out of moms house and you said "i don't know how to cook." I can only make things from the box. well you have learned you do have a secret tallent..