Monday, September 7, 2009


Today was pretty uneventful but I did drive out along the Turnagain town it was a beautiful day sunny warm, like 60 degrees, so I thought I would go on a little picnic. I took my scriptures and a sandwich but when I got out there it was much colder and windy! I stayed in my car and read for a while!
I can't wait until Jed is back in Anchorage! Just two more weeks! Things are moving along with the wedding planning. In just four weeks we will be back in Utah and getting married in five! YAY! But that doesn't seem like enough time to do all the things we need to do. But hopefully we will get twice as much done when Jed is living in Anchorage and working days again!


  1. I can't believe your wedding is almost here. That's so exciting. I love the people in the background of your new header picture. Makes me wonder what exactly they are doing: dancing? flirting? she's getting ready to punch him?

  2. I know! I think it was a little girl dancing but I love that the guy is in Flannel!

  3. Talk about what you have to get done think about the poor soles in Utah.. Jk we are more than happy to do it..What a pretty picture..