Monday, September 28, 2009

Feed My Sheep

We had a really fun weekend. One of my co-workers decided to leave us for another job, so all of the Care Coordination Team wanted to go out to dinner as a last "Hoorah". I was excited to go out to dinner with them until I remembered that I had volunteered to fee the missionaries that day. I told my co-workers that I would not be available, and when they questioned my reasoning for bailing on them I told them the truth; I had to fee the missionaries. My boss teased me a lot about it then she jokingly told me to bring them with me. I didn't think she was serious, but they really wanted me to come to dinner with them. All week my co-workers were laughing that I was bringing the "mormon missionaries" to dinner. It inspired all sorts of stories, bible discussions and teasing. The funny part is no one told our co-worker Lizaldy where we were going, someone told him to bring a change of clothes --just to mess with him. That morning I didn't want to surprise Lizaldy by showing up with missionaries (since it was his farewell party) So I told him I was bring the Missionaries. He got super anxious wanting to know what we were doing...finally he said, "You're not going to try to baptize me are you?" He couldn't figure out why he need a change of clothes, then just connected the two. He was just joking but we thought it was really funny. The missionaries were awesome. My co-workers were very polite to them. The Elders were really excited to go out to eat with us. They said the Singles Ward doesn't have the best meals, "mostly grilled cheese". They ordered a large pizza and before I had a chance to take a picture they had eaten almost the whole thing!

After we fed the missionaries we went to the Broadway Lion King that was on tour in Anchorage. It was really fun to see!


  1. That is so cool you took the missionaries with you out to eat! You are awesome!

  2. Is that mooses tooth! i would have eaten all the pizza before you could take a picture too!

  3. Ahhh so cute to see Alaskin missionaries :)