Friday, September 18, 2009

Craigslist Band at Humpy's

I went with Jed tonight to meet up with the seasonal employees from his company. They were all going bar hopping dress like tacky tourists. We met the group at one of the local bars Humpy's just for dinner--it has the best food! So we got our food, had fun talking with some of his co-workers and then we were kind of left there while everyone else went on to the next bar....But that is okay because had we left, we would have never seen THIS band (picture above). We were laughing so hard watching and listening to this band. The picture is just from a cellphone and it could never capture the 'magic' of this band! So let me share with you some of our favorite things about them.
  • They were all very talented but didn't seem to have any organization, they were just jamming. I'm not sure they played "songs".
  • Two of the singers were wearing socks with their sandals.
  • One of the saxophone players had a beer gut, elastic pants, jimmy hendrix T-shirt tucked into the elastic pants, sunglasses, (he had the black sock on with the Tevas) and seemed to do a little shimmy every time he started playing (like a fish jumping out of water shimmy)
  • The other saxophone player was wearing black Dickies as his suit.
  • The trumpet player--looked kind of bored/insecure he kept his head down most of the time, with one hand in his pocket and when he did play he looked like he was crying! However, I realized that we had the exact same hair style. You can kind of see in the picture...He just needs a little gel and he's got my do!
  • The drummer was pretty cute, had a lot of potential but probably smoked too much pot to care about it.
  • There was an irish looking red-headed, big bushy bearded, bass guitarist who wore a red Hawaiian shirt.
  • Three of the players were probably pushing sixty while the other three were in their twenties.
  • We figure that they either met on Craigslist or through their dealer...because they all looked like the smoked a little too much weed! (maybe if they smoked a little less and practiced a little more we would have stuck around to listen to them!)
AH, just another adventure in Anchorage! It really reminded me of a website that Annette sent me called people of walmart! Real people caught on cellphone cameras in real Wal-Marts across the nation! Check it out it is pretty funny!


  1. I'm glad you had so much fun, even though that does seem like a rather eclectic bunch!

    And I *love*!

  2. That is awesome! I always see people dressed crazy and think "do you really think you look good like that?" but I guess to each his own!