Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Alaska State Fair

Is there anything that can compare to a state fair? Where else can you see a 500lb pumpkin, a 1000 lb hog having her piglets in front of a giant crowd, deep fried pickles, and mullets!?! Well all the things that we love about the state fair in Utah is quadrupled here in Alaska! Alaskan's really come out and support the fair! It is a huge deal here!

For about a month everyone has been telling me about the State Fair food. So Jed and I had to take advantage of the all the good, deep fried, crazy foods...and we DID! Starting with:
Deep Fried Pickles
One of my co-workers was working at a stand and she gave us wasn't something I would've have bought on my own but it was really good, well interesting...worthy of the State Fair!

Big bread soup bowl...Cheddar broccoli...ymmm!
Fresh Made potato chips with Parmesan and Garlic

Doughnuts! Just like the craft fair! But not quiet the same, first off there wasn't the cute little family making them, and I wasn't able to watch them be made while I was waiting in the long line. Still really good though, It made me think of you all!
Hand dipped Ice cream and a $4.00 Soda There was so much food! I was warned that you need to spend more than one day at the fair just to eat all the fact it is best if you can camp there and eat break, lunch, and dinner!

The animals were slightly disappointing. We walked around the animal barn and I realized that I have a load of useless knowledge about market animals, particularly lambs...and what will I ever do with all that knowledge except walk around the fair and share it with Jed. Maybe I can convince Jed to buy me herd of sheep someday! ;)

The big sight was the giant vegetables. Because of the long days and all the sunlight the vegetables grow to abnormal sizes.
This cabbage broke the world record by two pounds it is a 125.9 lb!

The Alaska State Fair was something else...the best were the people! But that is far too difficult to describe!

Alaska State Fair 2009


  1. Gotta love the food! That's my favorite part too. Remember when we took your lamb for a walk on a leash and I thought that was the funniest thing ever? Ahhh,, good times.

  2. Did they have a booth that sold deep fried pepto? Or, is is complimentary with your entry ticket?

  3. We missed the deep fried pickles and the fresh potato chips...those would have been tasty. We had denali Cream puffs and funnel cakes and Elephant Ears (aka Scones down in UT). But these were better because Alaska is Bigger and Better. The number(or rather lack of) animals just goes to show you we are not an agricultural state. I was hoping for a giant Oil well to ride...

  4. Why am I in all the food pictures, as though you didn't share in the gluttony? ;)