Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fur Rondy

It was the 75th annual Fur Rendezvous (Fur Rondy) here in Anchorage. It originated from the fur trappers coming together to sell their winter harvests. It's a celebration of the end of a long winter and the coming of spring. It is also the beginning of the Iditarod the 1,161 mile dog sled race from Willow to Nome. ( you all should watch Iron Will in the spirit of the Iditarod). So in celebration I participated in my first Fur Rondy. It was cold and after one day of freezing my toes off, when we went back for Day 2 I was prepared with extra thick layers. There is snow carving contests.
It's just like running with the bulls they let loose a bunch of reindeer and people run next to them...but there were like 1,000 people running, and only 4 or 5 reindeer.
Fur is still a big see it everywhere. I am sure PETA is going crazy but there were no protestors...I'm sure it's pointless.
The Carnival is crazy! There are a bunch of kids fully dressed in their winter attire running around to all the carnival rides and games. They have bright red cheeks and runny noses...I was thinking they were crazy but they were having so much fun. (I think it must be some form of child abuse)

The blanket toss is a tradition with the Native Alaskan's, it's a large piece of leather, or several sewn together. A person stands in the middle and is tossed up and down. The trick is to stay on your feet. The girl above was just sitting being bounced.

The famous out-house race, where people build outhouses on skis then race them. they win a roll of Toilet Paper as a trophey.

The best reindeer was freezing cold though.


  1. looks like a cold but fun time was had by all. utah is much warmer, but don't plan on wearing your swimsuit yet.

  2. Looks like fun and yes cold too :) I can't even imagine riding a carnival ride with that wind chill coming back at you! Those are some brave people. But I'm sure things like that keep you from just staying inside all winter long like we do here.

  3. wow! looks like a great experience and fun to be part of the crowd! Reindeer dogs? that does not sound very good!