Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Long Weekend: Day One!

Jed and I had a lot of fun plans that kind of didn't work out so well. I took a day off of work so we could go somewhere out of town but rather than going out of town we stayed around in town. We went on a hike up Girdwood (where all the hippies live). The hike was a lot of fun and very beautiful and the weather was actually warm! (Jed just said the trail was called Winner Creek...Not winter, and that is his contribution to the blog ;) )
The water was beautiful it is really blue because of the glacier silt. I was worried the camera wouldn't capture the color but it did a great job!
While we were hiking Jed noticed a duck...or something...we started watching it when all of her babies started to come out and follow her. We watched them for a long time trying to follow each other on the slick rock. I felt bad for one of them when it slipped and fell into the water...then the longer we watched the more they kept fall/jumping into the water, then getting out again. It was very entertaining. Finally they jumped in and were carried away by they current...through the rapids...pretty sure they're dead.

Afterward we headed downtown to Anchorage...first to pick up my ring that was being sized, then to get a Reindeer dog from Tia's a street vendor. Reindeer dogs ROCK! I think the camera adds ten pounds! But I guess I have put on some weight...early preparation for winter!


  1. That water is so beautiful. I can't believe you guys pulled yourself across the river in that cart-thing. You are having lots of adventures in AK, can't wait for me to have some when I come visit!

  2. Yep, Tia's makes the best reindeer dogs. How I miss it.