Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sushi Night

Although Alaska doesn't have the best mexican food in the world--they do have pretty amazing sushi! After work a bunch of us from the Arc went out for sushi...besides my occasional california roll I am not a seasoned sushi eater. I haven't tried a whole lot of it and it always makes me nervous to eat a bunch of raw fish. My co-workers were nice and tried to help me order something maybe not so "fishy". I ordered the 'Spider Roll' I thought I was safe with that since it was fried crab but little did I know it was those little baby crabs that have the soft shell and sticking out of my sushi roll was these little crispy legs that looked like a giant trantula deep fried. I ate one (with a bunch of wasabi). It was really creepy so I ended up trading with everyone around me. I got rid of all my crab but I gained a lot of weird things, raw eel and tuna which was actually really good! One of them was rolled in little tiny fish eggs. It was a very interesting experience. Below is the picture of the looks like a big slug, nasty! --but surprisingly tasty!

"My wife thinks i'm trash cuz I eat a lot of ketcup....on my sushi! I find it gets rid of the fish flavor" ~ Jim Gaffigan

It sure beats my frozen hot pocket!


  1. You are brave. I am definitely a California roll kind of girl.

  2. glad that you are willing to try new things. Like i told you it reminds me of sucking down live oqtipus that was shown on a discovery channel.

  3. Good for you! Lets go to Shines in Eagle River soon!