Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let the games begin!

Okay! It is on! Wedding planning has officially begun! This is the start of a crazy week! I feel like I have a check list a mile long to do. I felt like we had plenty of time to get all of this wedding planning done but the more and more I get into it... the more I realize that we are already behind schedule and we've already wasted too much time! On the schedule this week is to
A) find out what exactly we are doing for engagement photos, what we are wearing, and who is taking them?
B) I need to go wedding dress shopping! I found a girl in my ward who just bought one and said it takes up to twelve weeks to order a dress...well shoot that won't work if I want to get bridals done in August. DANGIT! So I am not going to be able to wait, I think I am going Wednesday with this girl to go look at dresses. I invited Nicole to go with me, and I hope she can still go, because I don't want to buy a dress the first time I try it on! But I don't know... 12 weeks?!?!
C) I don't like the colors I picked! I need to find new ones...suggestions? I need something brighter...I will decide sometime this week so don't panic!
So I went driving around looking for a place to take our engagement photos...and I don't know if we have decided anything yet but I took some really fun pictures down by the train depot. I thought they were kind of fun, and we could do some fun things with the cruiser and us. It was a nice break from shopping. I was trying to find something to wear for our engagement photos but the shopping here is not what I am used to.


  1. I like the location for your engagement photos. I think it would look awesome. You said you liked orange, what about a deep red & a gold color to go with the orange? Also, for bridesmaids dresses, you could always pick out a pattern of a style of dress that you like & then we could buy fabric once you choose your colors. Sandy and I can just have them made. It might be easier than trying to find a dress and save time too. Good Luck!

  2. Well i am partial to a deep dark red with hints of black, but i don't think that will work for your wedding. what ever you choose

  3. Hey! I love all of your pictures and I especially love the fate of your ducks in the rapids as well as the story of the locked park. Can't they just put a sign that says "Last one out, please shut the gate."? I like the train depot pics. And I love hot pink and orange and lime green. Or I did yellow and purple.

  4. I could volunteer as a photographer for the wedding--not the bridals. I'm not awesome at it; just aspiring.

  5. If we're suggesting names for photos while you're in Utah, of course my sis in law Vanessa is AWESOME, but kind of pricey (she has her prices for weddings posted on her website vanessamillecamphotography.com) and also my friend Kristin just started taking pics. She's really good and just did an engagement session and her prices are more affordable. You can link to her photoblog from mine.

  6. I like the bridge ones, but you are beautiful, that you will look amazing anywhere.

    Oh, and I saw a wedding invitation with a cute bicycle in it. I thought of you!