Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jed & Sarah's Day at the Beach

After a long (Very long) Day of planning and discussing future/wedding plans, Jed and I went on a walk through Kincaid Park and took a small path that led to the beach. It was amazing. It was almost nine o'clock and the sun was at that perfect level to make everything glow! It was so amazing.

I was really enjoying the serenity of the moment. I could've stayed there all night waiting for the sun to set...but then Jed panicked because he remembered they lock the park at 10pm. We hurried to the parking lot hoping they didn't really lock the gates until eleven. Well, we arrived at the gates at 10:10pm and they were locked! We were trapped and there are no roads to get out. We followed the few other cars that were also locked in, onto the small paved bike path and out through the rock/cement keep cars from getting onto the path. A few other guys and Jed helped guide each other through with only inches on each side. After we got through we over heard that some one had called the police to open the gate...that or report us for driving on the path. We were the last of about ten cars to make it through and a few miles down the road we passed the cop. We were glad we didn't get caught! It added just a little adventure/4-wheeling to the night.


  1. me and my sister drove through SF graveyard once to catch frogs and they locked us in!

  2. Oh my goodness how did you get out? That would be really freaky!

  3. Something tells me you didn't go swimming while you were at the beach. =) And no I still haven't got blake getting attacked by the dogs on video yet.

  4. they had "dummy locked" the gate. so we were able to get out. but i was really scared there for a min!
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  5. Hey Sarah, I just learned how to comment! I'm sorry I haven't responded earlier.

    I'm glad you made a great escape.

    The beach looks cold and beautiful. You and Jed have so much fun!