Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Awesome Saturday!

Today has just been a very busy but awesome day! I started early by sending Jed home to Fairbanks. It is always sad when he leaves, so I tried extra hard to have a lot on my to-do-list just to keep me from being bored! So I went to the gym, then I went to the local farmers market. I loved the farmers market because they had some awesome produce that was really inexpensive! I got some sugar snap peas for only two dollars! And Broccoli for only 75cents it's great to feel like I am supporting the local economy.
After the Farmers market I went downtown to the infamous Saturday market. It was so much fun I walked around for a couple hours.
It was like a mini fair! I had a lot of fun looking at all the booths. I listened to the local artists perform. I even bought a funnel cake for lunch! I seriously had so much fun!

After the Saturday Market I hit Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale! I found a dress for our engagement photos! I think I've tried on 40 black dresses in the last week. I found only a couple that were modest enough for me to wear! It was very frustrating...I just wanted a simple black dress! But most of the dresses needed something underneath...then over the shoulders...blah, it is amazing how different our standards can be compared to the world's!While I was out and about Nicole called me and asked if I wanted to go Wedding dress shopping! I was so glad that Nicole came with me! We had so much fun and laughed so hard. First of all--David's Bridal had some specific rules...and we got in trouble we were scolded more than once by the consultants. I made an appointment for 5pm and we arrived 30min early. So Nicole and I thought we might as well start looking and pull out some dresses that I wanted to try on. We pulled out like 10 dresses when on of the employees came over panicky because of it. (we just thought we would save some time!) So she told us that we could write down the style number. Nicole had a clip board helping me write down the style number and then became my professional wedding least that is what the consultant at David's Bridal assumed.

We tried on TONS of dresses and after all of that Nicole and I learned a few things: 1) It always helps to unzip a dress before trying to fit into it. 2) Trying on dresses is quite a work out! 3) don't mess with the David's Bridal's consultants--don't go against the Davids Bridal rules! 4) Trying to explain Garments to a non-member can be challenging 5) You can't judge a dress on the hanger and finally! 6) Magic can happen! This dress above was okay...a little too cookie cutterish, had nothing to it but it was cute and fun...and cheap!I think I found Courtney and Sandy's Bridesmaid dress! Sparkly and taffeda!

Nicole and I did run out of time and I didn't find anything I absolutely loved but feel like we have a better idea of what I want. After trying on dresses we went out for a little Moose's Tooth which is the best food in Anchorage. I loved going with Nicole, it was how I imagined dress shopping! It was so much fun Thanks Nicole!


  1. hey I dont know if you have found a photographer for your bridals and wedding, but check out my photography blog and tell me what you think.

  2. oh yah its

  3. Oh Man I totally miss the Saturday market. I guess SLC has one too, though I haven't ventured to it, and I doubt it compares to the one in Anchorage.

  4. Your welcome Sarah!! And you saved me from another day of referring the kiddos without physical violence. I had a really good time and came home and looked at more dresses for you on the internet . It has become my personal mission to help you find THE dress! Love ya!

  5. remember it is still a game don't take anything too serious.

  6. If you make me wear that hideous dress, I don't think we can be friends anymore. LOL Glad you had a fun time dress shopping. So is the pic of you in the dressing room the dress you are going to wear for your pics? I like it. It's really cute. We need to get going on the bridal shower. I didn't realize you were coming so soon so invites need to go out ASAP! Do you know a specific date that the shower will work?